Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Day 214 - Adoption & Circus Acts...

Adoption is a very real thing to our kids (obviously...haha!). Adoption is something that is a part of our everyday conversation so tonight's conversation with Hillary Ashton shouldn't have surprised me...but it kinda did :o)

Me: Honey, Daddy just called and there is a nice lady coming to pick up Buttons (formally known a Lulu) in about an hour.
HA: Oh no! Please can we just keep her? She is my favorite kitten in the whole wide world! My greatest wish is that we could keep Buttons forever (in cause you didn't already know, girls can be a bit dramatic...haha!)
Me: Sweetheart, we have two cats already and that is plenty for our family. Buttons will make another family very happy. We should be happy for Buttons.
HA: But, mommy...but...I just don't like adoption.
Me: Why don't you like adoption?
HA: Well, I like adoption when we get babies like JuJu and Le, but I don't like adoption when we have to give up a know, like Buttons.
Me: You are right, adoption isn't always easy. There is usually someone that is really sad when a baby or child is adopted. I am sure Sophie Le and Julianne's family was really sad when they placed them for adoption, but they loved Le and JuJu so much they did what they thought was best for their babies. We need to do what is best for Buttons. It will be really sad to see her go, but we need to try to be happy that she will have a good family to take care of her.
HA: But WE are a good family and besides I have lots of tricks I want to teach her.
Me: What kind of tricks?
HA: You know, like circus tricks. Jumping through hoops and stuff like that. I want to teach Buttons to be a circus cat.

I have always said that Hillary Ashton is one of the luckiest kids I know. About 20 minutes after the kitten was suppose to be picked up, the lady called and said she got lost and didn't have time to come pick her up tonight. No plans were made for tomorrow so who knows this may be a world famous circus cat one day...
Buttons, the Incredible Hula Hoop Jumping Kitten :o)

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Lisa said...

That was a sweet conversation with some very big ideas you two were having!