Thursday, August 5, 2010

Day 215 - Vacation, Homeschooling & Foster Care...

I have lots of things to do this afternoon and evening in preparation of our upcoming BEACH vacation hence the early post:o) I HEART the beach. I really, really HEART the beach. I cannot wait!!!!!

We ordered an everyday camera for the trip and it just came in today. It is small and purple...what's not to like :o) AND it takes pictures UNDERWATER...Yea!! I cannot wait to use it. I may have to try it out in the bathtub tonight :o)

Did you notice the title of this post? "Vacation, Homeschooling & Foster Care" After three days of homeschooling, we are hooked. I LOVE it!! It is AWESOME! I want to shout it from the rooftops...Homeschooling is the COOLEST :o) Haha! Hillary Ashton is doing arithmetic right now :o)

Yesterday after Sophie Le's phonics class, I asked her if she could do the "I sentence" that they practiced in class. She said "yes" so I started saying it with her and she CUT ME OFF and said, "MOM...I can do it all by myself." Haha! She is such a little stinker! I made a quick video on my webcam to send to it is...

I talked to Jonah's caseworker this afternoon and we had an AWESOME conversation :o) Keep praying...I think it's working :o)

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Lisa said...

Glad you picked a camera. Have a great time using it at the beach!Mine is a Sony DSC-TX5. It's really fun to use, but it's so little I have to work hard to keep my fingers out of the frame!