Friday, August 6, 2010

Day 216 - Foster Care, Deals at Target, Garden & Homeschooling Video...

This morning we took Jonah for another visit with his mom. The actual visit never occurred because his mom did not meet a requirement imposed by the courts. A new piece of information was also shared with mom and the meeting did not end all. In fact, it ended horribly. I am sad. I am sad for her. I am sad for Jonah. I wish we lived in a world where everything was fair and easy and happy. We don't. As sad as the circumstances surrounding Jonah's case are, I am thankful for the direction the case is heading. I feel very blessed that we are on the other end of the situation. We are so lucky to have this little guy in our home. While our family is sad about the situation, we are thrilled with the possibilities. We are in love with this little eight month old bundle of giggles and kisses :o) A bundle that started CRAWLING (the super cute belly crawling) this week and the little bundle of joy that has his very first tooth poking through :o) It is A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E!!

Since we got Jonah back earlier than expected, we were able to meet Daddy downtown at the Rivermarket for lunch. My little Vietnamese baby LOVES eating at the Rivermarket. Big on Tokyo is her FAVORITE! This child cannot get enough fried rice :o)
In fact, we went to the downtown library after lunch to put up a few audio books for our trip and while we were riding on the elevator I saw a piece of rice on Le's shirt. I said, "Sophie Le, there is a piece of rice on your shirt. Can you brush it off?" And she said, "Well, I would rather eat it." Haha! That child cracks me up!

The kids and I went to Target this morning to pick up a few things for our trip. You know those bargain bins at the front of the store? (Honestly, you could not have convinced me 10 years ago that I would LOVE those bins...or even stopped to look at them...haha! How things change!) Well, we found some GREAT treasures today!!! I am sooooo excited about these finds...

These counting blocks were only $1 a bag!!! Wow! I looked at some similar blocks at an education store last weekend and they were like $30 a jug! I plan to use them for Hillary Ashton's arithmetic and Sophie Le's counting and sorting.

At that same education store, I bought this weather/calendar pocket chart for $38...
I found a great website that had templates for doing the weather (and I got to use my new laminator...haha), but I didn't have a good calendar so I planned on keeping the pocket chart. That was until I found this little calendar...
For only $2.50!!!!!!!! I think it is so cute!! And the size is much better for us :o)

These learning clocks were only $1!!!! Whoo hoo!

Yep, another $1 find!

I am learning to like shopping for boy's clothes :o) It has been an acquired taste...haha!

Really, nothing beats shopping for little girls :o) I wish the economy would get better because I don't get to do it very often these days :o( However, I could NOT pass up these sweet little headbands...
I have plans for those headbands :o) It involves three cute girls and a lot of sand :o) Haha!

In other news...we have WATERMELONS!!!! We have been waiting all summer for these cute little melons...
We have four growing right now :o) I am looking forward to having some fresh, juicy watermelons!!

We also have a few pieces of okra...
Sophie Le and Daddy are excited about the okra.

This is "baby lizard." He lives in our garden :o) He comes out every night when we water the garden :o)

While the little girls napped this afternoon, Hillary Ashton did a few more classes. I just cannot tell you how precious it is watching a child learn. It is priceless. Here she is learning a new song in her bible class. She loves bible class :o) Btw, in case you didn't already know it...Hillary Ashton is a bit excited about life :o)

I just cannot believe I could have missed this! I am so thankful we are educating at home homeschooling :o)

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