Sunday, August 8, 2010

Day 218 - Early Risers & Travel Fun...

I wasn't sure what to expect this morning when I woke the girls up at 4:30 a.m. to leave for our trip. However, my girls hopped right out of bed with smiles on their faces :o) They were ready to go!


They were excited about the beach AND excited about the car ride :o) Haha! I know, my kids are weird :o) They watched me packing fun games for them yesterday and they couldn't wait to get their sweet little hands on the games :o)

Hillary Ashton playing travel bingo...
I found the free printable here . I printed them, laminated them (yep, I am still in love!) and hooked them together with a medal ring. The girls kept their eyes open for stop signs, cows, planes, etc... Road Travel Bingo was a BIG hit!

I also included a map on each of the girls' rings so they could track our trip across the different states. They loved being able to see where we were on the map.

Another big hit with the girls was their picture rings...
I printed out a few pictures of the girls, laminated them :o) and hooked them together with a medal ring. Each girl had different photos so they enjoyed trading with each other :o) This was Julianne FAVORITE! She looked at those pictures off and on throughout the entire 12 hour ride!

This place was PACKED. Like every parking spot taken...haha!

These three little girls were VERY happy to finally be in Florida!

Yea for the beach!!!


The Garners said...

Will you please go on our next road trip with us!? :) Your games and photos and all look SO FUN!!! Awesome!


Heather M. said...

Yes! HOORAY for the beach!!! We leave in 4 days!!! Hope you have a wonderful time! You are brave to drive straight thru...we always stop for one night on the drive down...we usually drive straight thru on the way home when everyone is exhausted! ;)

Laura said...

And once again, I am going to "borrow" an idea or two for our end of month trip! Who needs to be creative when I can just look at your blog! Too cute!