Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day 220 - Crabs, Hermit Crabs, Fish, Stingrays & Dolphins...

A beautiful day.

We played on the beach all morning long. Our whole family LOVES (loves, loves, loves) the beach.


Back home, Hillary Ashton catches frogs, lizards and turtles. At the beach, she catches baby crabs, hermit crabs and fish :o)

How cute is this little guy?

After lunch, we took a boat to Shell Island. It was THE most BEAUTIFUL place I have ever been. I have been to lots of pretty places...this was the prettiest :o) Uninhabited, pristine beaches. Clear, amazing water. LOVE. We saw lots of dolphins on the way to Shell Island. While we were there, my baby was swimming in the beautiful water and guess what swam right up to her? STINGRAYS! Four of them! Amazing! Luckily, I watched Ali (the Bachelorette) swim with stingrays a few weeks ago on television so I wasn't that freaked out :o) However, I wasn't comfortable enough with the situation to take pictures :o)We also found a hermit crab...which we brought back with us.


Our two brown babies are getting some pretty amazing tans this week! It only takes a few minutes for them to turn shades darker. You can almost watch their skin tan. Neil, Hillary Ashton & I are turning pink. It just isn't fair! While we were at Shell Island, I let the little brownies swim without their swimsuits in an attempt to get rid of their tan lines :o)


Tonight we ordered pizza and then went to the store to buy a hermit crab aquarium for our new little friend :o) Our aquarium came with a free hermit crab so our crab will have a buddy :o) I read that it is good for hermit crabs to have companionship.



Laura said...

We are headed to the beach in a couple of weeks, and your posts make me want to go today! I am so excited to take my boys for their first experience! Great pics!

Heather M. said...

Looks like a wonderful time! The beach looks beautiful! I can hardly wait. We'll be right by Pensacola on Friday if you guys are still around :) Heather M.