Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day 222 - We're Home and Thoughts about Panama City Beach...

As wonderful (and it was WONDERFUL!!!) to wake up to this view every morning...
I have to admit, we were all REALLY happy to see our house didn't hurt we also had a certain cute, chubby little baby with us :o)

I took over 800 pictures at the beach which means you will probably be seeing a lot more beach pictures over the next few days :o)

When we booked our beach vacation, the oil issue was still up in the air so we decided to book our stay in Panama City Beach rather than our usual destination of Destin. The main reason we chose PCB is because almost all of the hotels and condos were offering a money back guarantee if the oil came up on their beaches. We also liked the idea of choosing a condo this year and PCB has some GREAT options. Of course we were a bit skeptical because we LOVE (LOVE, LOVE) Destin and we LOVE the place we always stay. However, there were soooooo many cool things to do in PCB and the surrounding area...I think we found a new beach home! We LOVED Panama City Beach!!!

For example, Pier Park is SUPER cool...
They have shops, restaurants and a super cute mini amusement park...
There are lots of great restaurants at Pier Park, including our new favorite burger shop...
Of course, we had to eat there :o) We are so adventurous! Ha!
I just adore the Florida style :o)
They had some really cool stores...
Hillary Ashton spotted this store...
And wanted to check to see if they had any Touvite Forte...Ha! She looked all around...
But couldn't find the amazing stain remover :o) She said, "They just have to have it here. Will you ask them, mama?" I told her that if she wanted to know that she would have to ask herself. She said, "Okay, Mama. It makes me feel really shy to ask them, but it is important to me so I will." Haha! She is so funny! She asked the lady and she had NO IDEA what Touvite Forte was. I thought she was going to fall out of her chair laughing when I explained to her that it was a stain remover that my daughter really wants.
This is a girl on a mission!
Sweet little girls...
Sometimes a mama has to be happy that at least two girls are looking at the camera :o)

Here are a few pics from our last day at the beach...
This child literally could not get enough of the ocean (I wonder where she gets that? Ha!)
Her favorite thing to do was "catch a wave." I am not sure where she learned that terminology, but she was serious catching waves :o)
These two liked floating in the water, but they were very passionate about the sand :o) They were both very particular about which sand toys tool they need to play complete their important projects. Unfortunately, both girls usually needed the same tool at the same time. Ha!
This was right after Julianne lost a battle over the blue shovel. She had NO interest in the pink shovel that was available. In fact, right after I took this picture she threw the pink shovel in the ocean. Oh boy, please tell we won't have this type of drama when the girls are teenagers! Ha!
This child made it known that you better not try to get between her and her blue shovel...or else!

Another day at the beach...
Another baby crab :o)
How cute are those little eyes?

Sweet memories...

In the next few days, I will post some pictures from our day trip to Seaside, Florida and our boat ride to Shell Island :o)


Leigh said...

Interesting to hear your review of PCB. We enjoyed some time in PCB this summer too. We always stay along 30A, usually Rosemary Beach, but this year in Inlet. (Right next to PCB) We gave up Destin 5 years ago and won't ever go back. We love the simple, classic, family-style of 30A. Destin is too crowded for us (PCB wasn't bad this year, but was last year with the opening of PierPark). We do home rentals through VRBO and have had great experiences! Nothing like July 4th at the beach!!

Looking forward to more pictures!

Sami said...

I think it's time to get that girl her stain remover!!!

The Garners said...

Looks like y'all had an awesome time! The view from your condo is so gorgeous! The ocean is so amazing to me--I don't think I'd ever get tired of looking at it.

I love that about H.A. and the stain remover! She and Rhett might be a perfect match someday :) because he loves commercials like those too. While I've never heard him ask for that particular product, he's been really convinced that we need "Space vac storage bags"--I think that's what they're called--and we ended up buying a pancake puff maker at BBBeyond one time because he'd watched the commercial and thought it was the coolest thing ever! :)

Can't wait to see more pictures from your trip!