Friday, August 13, 2010

Day 223 - Underwater Camera & More Panama City Beach Pics...

In anticipation of our trip, we purchased an underwater camera. We opted for the economical option when choosing the new camera. The old saying, "You get what you pay for" definitely applies to underwater cameras. Haha! Most of the pictures we took with the camera were distorted and the colors were just a little off. Most of the pictures I took look like they were taken in a House of Mirrors at the county fair! For some reason (I guess she moves a lot), the pictures of Julianne were the craziest. For example...
And how about this one...
Haha! Oh well, live and learn. I would really like to return the camera...can you return a camera after you use it because it takes awful pictures?

I got a few okay pictures from the camera our first morning at the beach, but I decided to stick with my good camera for the rest of the trip!

The girls were ready to hit the beach as soon as they woke up! It took a bit of convincing to get them to eat breakfast and change before heading downstairs :o)

Julianne enjoying her first honey bun and "orange soda pop" for breakfast...nutritional, I know! Haha!
All ready to go...just waiting on Daddy!
My little beach baby!
I found this shell bag at Wal-Mart. It has a hook at the top that Hillary Ashton connected to her bikini bottom. She LOVED it.
All of the girls LOVED collecting shells. We came home with four Ziploc bags full of shells!
Couldn't have gotten this shot with my normal camera :o) I LOVE how she is even smiling underwater! LOVE that baby girl!
There were TONS of fish in the water our first morning. It pretty much freaked me out. For some reason, the fish seemed to love swimming right around my feet. I tried kicking them and running from them, but nothing seemed to work so I decided to just let them have the ocean and I took up camp on the shore :o)
My big girl LOVED watching the fish!
After only a couple hours in the sun, my baby had a perfect tan! Mama is jealous!
I am not sure if it is just normal or PCB or if there was less people because of the oil spill or if it was because we were staying at a condo rather than a hotel resort, but the beaches were not crowded at all. It was amazing! There were many times we felt like we were at our own private beach :o)
Be still my heart!
I cannot believe how close in size (height, not weight!) Sophie Le and Julianne are!

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