Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day 224 - Seaside, Forida...

*warning...I may use the words "cute" and "cool" a few too many times in the post :o)

In our town of Little Rock, there is a neighborhood named Brodie Creek. The neighborhood has about 80 pastel colored homes with large front porches, resembling coastal homes. There is a small courtyard with gazebo in the center of the neighborhood and lots of sidewalks and beautiful landscaping. I LOVE that neighborhood. I HEART that neighborhood! We have looked at many homes in that neighborhood over the years, but the layout of the homes do not work for our family. We like large family rooms :o)

Anyways, the moment I saw pictures a friend (Hi Elisabeth) posted of her family's visit to Seaside on facebook, I knew we had to visit! The houses looked just like Brodie Creek, on a much larger scale :o) Seaside is a 25 minute drive from PCB so we were able to get a nice morning in at the beach before heading over to check out the town :o) I didn't know very much about the town before we went except for the fact that it had some really pretty houses and The Truman Show was filmed there. You guys, this town is AMAZING! EVERY.SINGLE.HOUSE.IS.BEAUTIFUL! EVERY house. The streets are pretty. The shops (I cannot even bring myself to call them "stores") are pretty. The entire town is so well thought out. So PERFECT! Although, it does have one is SUPER expensive :o(

Bicycles seemed to be the preferred mode of transportation...they were everywhere! There weren't as many as in Vietnam, but there were lots...haha!

We loved walking around the beautiful town (it is pretty small, population is 1228), although it was HOT, HOT, HOT!


Look at those trees! LOVE! This area had lots of speciality shops (with apartment homes above the shops) surrounding a large courtyard. So cool!

The girls were really impressed (note the sarcasm...haha! They wanted to know if there were any playgrounds in Seaside!)

Here is a rare pic of me my sweet boy, courtesy of Hillary Ashton :o)

Seaside's cool!

At the town square, there are several Airstream trailers selling speciality treats. I never knew trailers selling food could be so cool:o)

How cute is this post office?

I am not an artsy person, but I LOVE artsy stuff. I just don't have that talent. This town is very artsy. I LOVE that. The colors are amazing!

The town school is almost ridiculous! It is soooo cute.
It reminded me of the one room school house from Little House on the Prairie...only much more stylish :o)

I saw this sign hidden behind a fence...
I am glad to know that the kids attending this school are thankful for their cool school and their awesome beach :o)

This picture was taken through the window. How cool is this desk and chair? I want my kids to go to this school! Heck, I want to go to this school!

Behind the school, there was a cute little garden maintained by the school.
The Corner Garden. How cute!
Inside of the garden...

The girls were most impressed by the town playground...
Actually Sophie Le was most impressed with the snacks mommy brought :o)

The town has a very small town feel. This was one of the only signs in town :o)

I was so excited about all of the beautiful houses, I forgot to take many pictures! Haha!

Each house has a white picket fence around the front yard with a sign attached. The sign lists the name of the house (the houses have names!!), the owner's names, the owner's childrens' names and their hometown painted on it. I loved reading the house names. Most were quite this one :o)

And if all that wasn't enough...the town sits right on the Gulf of Mexico!

I am adding a house in Seaside, Fl to my "when we win the lottery" wishlist :o)


Anonymous said...

Oh good! I'm glad you liked Seaside. It truly is the cutest town! Almost too cute to be true, but lots of fun. And you are right...quite expensive. :) But we do plan to go back. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh good! I'm glad you liked Seaside. It truly is the cutest town! Almost too cute to be true, but lots of fun. And you are right...quite expensive. :) But we do plan to go back. :)

Anonymous said...

I have NO idea why the last few times my comments have appeared more than once....I guess my computer really wants to make sure you get my comments. :)

Julie said...

Your girls are too cute for words! I love seeing the daily adventures of your lives..A-DOR-A-BLE!!!

Willis said...

That little town and school remind me of where we live. A little slice of heaven on earth. Small town, lots of little details make a difference. . .