Sunday, August 15, 2010

Day 225 - Boat Ride to Shell Island, Florida...

After a fun morning at the beach (man, I wish I could say that everyday!)...
We came back to our condo for lunch. When we are on vacation, lunch always concludes with ice cream :o) Today's flavor was Breyers vanilla carmel brownie. Yummy! Yummy! Have you had it before? If not, go to Wal-Mart right now and get is GOOD!

After lunch (and dessert) we headed straight to the marina for our boat ride to Shell Island. As we boarded the boat, we were served lunch. Okay, we just had lunch less than 30 minutes before so surely my girls wouldn't want their lunch, right? Wrong! Haha! My girls like to eat...they get that from their mama :o)

This is Hillary Ashton. If you ask her (and many times even if you don't), she will convincingly tell you that she is a vegetarian :o) She is pretty adamant about this piece of information. If you happened to witness her eating chicken nuggets, please don't tell her that is meat...haha! Anyways, I am afraid she has been watching her mama a little too closely because she likes to eat her hamburgers without the meat patty and her hot dogs without the hot dog. Good thing she is home schooled because that is a little weird...haha! Just kidding!

Sophie Le, on the other hand, likes to eat her hot dog sans bun :o) She is not a fan of bread. Now that is crazy! Haha!

As soon as our boat pulled out to sea, four dolphins rushed our boat and proceeded to put on a show for us! Yea! The girls LOVED it!
Especially when the dolphins blew water out of their blowhole :o) They thought that was hilarious!

A flock of seagulls then came up to the boat and flew beside us for quite awhile.
After about five minutes of the girls talking NONSTOP about which seagull they were and what they were thinking (as the seagull) and where they were going (as the seagull), the lady sitting next to us got up and left...never to return to her seat :o) Haha! After another 10 minutes of this talk, I kinda wanted to join her...haha!
It was pretty cool watching them fly so close to the boat. Hillary Ashton LOVED throwing bits of her hot dog bun to them and watching the seagulls catch them in the air :o)

After about an hour ride, we arrived at Shell Island. It is BEAUTIFUL! It is part of a Florida State Park so there is no development on the island.
You can only access the island by boat so we only shared the island with the handful of people on our boat. It was paradise!
For girls that like to collect shells, it is a dream come true :o)
I love how small we are next to the ocean!
The girls made a pretty good haul!

Since the beach was pretty secluded, I let the little brown babies work on their tan lines :o) I just LOVE capturing moments like this...
I would love to know what they were thinking!

The waves were small and the water was crystal clear.
The perfect combo for little Julianne! She LOVED it!
I wish I could bottle up that sweetness and keep it forever!

While Hillary Ashton was swimming, I saw a stingray swim right beside her! I told her to turn around to look at it and THREE MORE stingrays joined the first one! It was so cool! It is pretty crazy to see four stringrays swimming (in their natural habitat) less than five feet from your child! Crazy! I didn't have my camera with me at the time, but as I was clicking through my pictures last night, I think I may have accidentally captured one in one of the shots. I blew the picture up to original size and it sure looks like the stingray.

When we go back to PCB, I hope we can plan to spend an entire day at Shell Island!

The girls were worn out and fell asleep on the way back to PCB...

I was tempted to wake them up to show them the cool boats, but ultimately decided that the peace and quite was rather nice and I would just let them sleep and show them pictures later :o) Haha!

We had sooooo much fun at the beach this year!!!
We cannot wait to go back!

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Marianne said...

Hi, Amy, I've been lurking on your blogs for a while and loved reading about your beautiful family. I am so in love with the gorgeous Julianne, the beautiful Sophie and the vicacious Hilliary! I hope you get your wish for Jonah.

Your trip to Florida looked to be so much fun and the pictures are just gorgeous. Now, please don't think I am criticizing and just take me as a doting grandma.... but I was a bit concerned about the stingray. I've swam with them many times and so have my kids. I always thought them harmless until one killed Steve Irwin. Then this morning I saw the following on CNN on-line. (I hope I have put the link in correctly. If not, the article is up on CNN, as a video, "Boy, 10, stabbed with stingray barb")

Now, just go ahead and tell me to mind my own business as I don't make it a habit to go around telling people how to do things, but I just wanted you to know stringrays can be very dangerous to you precious babies.

Marianne (in Texas)