Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day 231 - Long Day...

This morning we traveled to Northeast Arkansas for Grandma Great's visitation. We were at the funeral home from 3:45 to 8:00 tonight and I am sooooo thankful all four kids did good! Whew! Jonah was in heaven as his family waited in line for the chance to hold him :o) Sophie Le and Hillary Ashton loved playing with their cousin Ally and Julianne had a ball playing with a box of kleenex...haha!

Afterwards, we headed to Pizza Inn for supper...yummy!!! Judging by the amount of pizza she ate (FIVE pieces), I think Julianne enjoyed Pizza Inn too :o)

The girls after supper.

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Anonymous said...

Amy I am so sorry to read about the passing of your grandmother. Praying for your family during this time.