Monday, August 23, 2010

Day 233 - Winding Road...

These two sweet girls have been constant companions to their Mimi over the last few days as she has had the hard job of saying goodbye to her mom.
This morning we traveled from Paragold to North, Central Arkansas for the burial service for Grandma Great. During the service, Hillary Ashton and Ally sang Jesus Loves Me.
Of course, Hillary Ashton LOVED singing in front of an audience.
She also LOVED picking out a few flowers with Mimi after the service...
Julianne was so excited that Hill brought her one too :o)
The girls ended up with some beautiful bouquets! These two are about two months apart in age and they cannot get enough of each other!

We thought the drive to North Arkansas this morning (from Northeast Arkansas) was challenging with the super winding road...until we headed home after the service! Oh my goodness! Winding and steep plus four sweet babies that are ready to get home...not a great combination! We were sooooo ready to get out of the car!

Hillary Ashton was soooooooo excited when she checked the mail and found four packages...all for her!

The little girls were excited to find more okra ready to be picked in the garden.

I cannot wait for the watermelons to get ripe!!


The Jennings said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Neil's grandmother. I know she will be missed. The girls were so sweet to sing Jesus Loves Me. What a great memory for Neil's mom.


Emy said...

So sorry for your family's loss. The picture of the girls singing is so sweet, I can imagine there wasn't a dry eye at the funeral! What an amazing tribute for Grandma Great!