Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day 236 - Tests and Jonah Update...

We had another wonderful day. The weather was amazing! It's crazy how 89 degrees makes you feel like it's time to break out the Fall clothes :o)

Today in school, Hillary Ashton took her FIRST TEST! Oh my! Is it crazy that I was a little nervous? Haha! The curriculum she is doing for first grade is accredited. She will receive progress reports every six weeks and I will send in all of her tests to the school. Today's test was the first grade on her progress report :o) On today's test, she received a written grade and an oral grade. The part that made me nervous is the strict grading scale. In our area, 90 to 100 is an A. At Hillary Ashton's school, 93-100 is an A. On the oral part of her test, she would receive a B if she missed one. I am not that concerned about her grades, but I am not sure that I could give her a bad grade...haha! She can be a little careless and I was hoping she would sense the importance of the test and take her time...and she did! Yea! I am happy to report she scored a 100% on both parts of her test!!! Yea, Hillary Ashton! She was sooooooooooooooooo excited! Of course, I took her picture...I will share it tomorrow :o)

I decided to make another effort to potty train Julianne today since we will be home for several days in a row. On a normal day, she uses her diaper four times a day. Today, with the treats flowing for success, she used the potty SIX times...haha! For the first few successes, I gave her a small piece of candy. When she used the potty for the fourth time, she took me to the pantry and pointed to the Oreos and said, "No candy. Cookie, Mama." She is so funny. She had two accidents and she knew immediately and said, "Tee Tee goes in the potty, Mama." Haha!

My blog friend (and fellow Ethiopian adoptive mom), Renee, was gracious enough to give me a topic to blog about today...Thank you!

Update on Jonah...

If you are new to our blog, I will catch you up. We were called last November about a three day old baby that needed a home. Upon his birth, he was immediately taken into the care of the department of human services due to certain laws in our state. After my first conversation with the dhs representative, I thought there was no way we would be able to care for this baby boy. Hubby and I talked about the challenges that we would face due to the circumstances under which he was born and pretty much decided that we would have to turn down the placement since we have three other little ones. However, we decided to pray about it and the next day we both felt that we needed to visit him in the hospital. The nurses told us that he had an awful day that day. We went home and prayed some more and the next day we called and told dhs we would love to have him :o) If I have learned anything in this life, it is that God's plans are SO much better than ours :o)

On the day we were scheduled to pick up the baby boy, he started having some complications. We were so concerned for this little, tiny baby without a name. Our family decided to choose a name to call him so we could talk about him and pray for him by name. We chose the name Jonah. It means "peace" and that is exactly what God had given us about the situation.

Finally when he was eleven days old, he was ready to come home! Our caseworker told us to expect him to stay in our home for 3-6 months because his case was being fast tracked, meaning parental rights were going to be terminated asap. Here we are nine months later and we are in love with this precious little baby boy. He is a part of our family and we cannot imagine our lives without him.

His case has had many ups and downs. We are currently waiting on a test to come back (end of August, beginning of September) that will determine whether or not it will be a possibility of him leaving our home for another specific home. If the test comes back in the way we are hoping or if that home is found to be unsuitable, he will be available for adoption. Adoption is our prayer for this precious, sweet, perfect child.


I would LOVE to share more details, but there are certain confidently requirements we must follow. I want to share enough of his story that people can pray specifically for certain aspects of his case...for example the upcoming test results.

Thanks for the topic suggestion, Renee! If anyone else has anything, please let me know :o) Another blog friend, Dawn, has suggested more crafts and giveaways...both of which I love :o) Thanks!


The Garners said...

Congrats to H.A. on her first test!

Thank you for sharing about Jonah. I think about him often and how wonderful it is that God placed him in your loving home. I will continue to pray for the plans the Lord has for that sweet boy. He's so cute!

Renee said...

In September, we're supposed to find out if our sweet 9 month old baby boy will be available for adoption. :) I'm on pins and needles! For you AND me! haha I'm praying for y'all!!!