Friday, August 27, 2010

Day 237 - Tests, Important Lessons & Potty Training...

Hillary Ashton had another test today...phonics. She made a 100%! Yea! She also started speed drills in her arithmetic class. This is something that I have been dreading. My baby is NOT speedy. She likes to take her time. She will have speed drills everyday in arithmetic class unless it is a test day. Boo! She finished at the very last second today, but she did finish! I think it will be good for her to concentrate on staying on task. She came home almost everyday from kindergarten telling me that she didn't have time to eat lunch and almost always had a picture or drawing that she wanted to finish at home because she ran out of time. I love that she takes her time and doesn't really ever feel rushed. That is just another trait that she has that I admire. I am the total opposite!

These two were inseparable today.
Hillary Ashton dressed Julianne. She wanted them to be dressed alike. She even tucked in both of their shirts so they would look "neat."
She kept saying, "I have so much to teach my little sister." Haha! She said, "Mama, I know the secret of babies. All you have to do is call their name and when they look at you, smile. That's it. If you do that, babies will do anything you want them to." Haha! My six year old is very wise :o)
One of the most "important lessons" she wanted to teach Julianne was how to pump her legs on the swing. She kept saying, "Now Julianne, pay attention. This is very, very important. You really need to know these things."
I love those babies!

Miss Julianne did GREAT with her potty training today! She wore panties all day! I started her with miniature Hersey bar pieces this morning as a treat for success. She had one accident this morning. After her nap, she said, "Juju potty, Juju banana." Haha! That child LOVES (seriously LOVES) bananas! After she started getting bananas, she didn't have ANY accidents! Yea! A pretty cool side note is that her uncle (the one that took her in after her parents passed) grows bananas in Ethiopia!. He would be proud :o)

When I put her to bed tonight, she wasn't happy with mommy because I insisted she wear a diaper :o) Her sweet face was so hard to resist...but I did and I know I will be thankful in the morning that I did!


Emy said...

Ben and HA sound SO MUCH ALIKE! He definitely takes his time too. It is so sweet watching the girls together!

Heather M. said...

Hmmmm....may have to break out some chocolate bars! (Tell HA they did look super cute on the day she dressed her sister! ;)

Laura said...

I have been potty training Luke, and it has been such a challenge. He is starting to catch on, but it has taken a while. He refuses to wear a diaper or pull-up because they are for babies. So, we have been leaving him in underwear at night, and he has only had one accident in 4 weeks...knock on wood! I wish you the best in the potty training department because it is a messy business!