Saturday, August 28, 2010

Day 238 - Miracle by Monday: ONLY THREE DAYS LEFT!!!

Oh my...I am ashamed to say this deadline has snuck up on me! I thought we had until mid-September!

As you may know, we are raising money to build a well in Africa, the birth country of our youngest daughter. The village she was born in does not have access to clean drinking water. She still has brothers and sisters living there today. It just isn't fair! We have partnered with a wonderful organization, Charity:Water. Their goal is to bring safe, clean drinking water to developing nations around the world. 100% of your donation goes directly to help build a well (and you will be able to track the well being built on Google if we raise the needed funds). We take clean water for granted here in our country, but to almost one billion people in this world clean water is a LUXURY! Please consider helping us raise the remaining $3385 needed IN THE NEXT THREE DAYS!!! Just click on the link below. If each person that visits this blog each day donates just $20, we will be able to build a well for AN ENTIRE VILLAGE in Africa! Please help us make a difference in this world!!! Please post this on facebook, your blog or anywhere else you can to help us spread the word in :o) Even if you cannot give, you CAN make a DIFFERENCE by SPREADING the WORD!

A fellow Ethiopian adoptive family just returned from the same area Julianne was born and the story they posted on their blog about their child's family is SOOOOOO similar to Julianne's story. You have got to go read it! Click Here.

Here is the picture they posted of the water supply in Julianne's area...

You guys, that picture was taken two weeks ago...that is the water MY BABY was drinking before we brought her home! That is the water her sisters, brothers, aunts and uncles are DRINKING TODAY! That is the water almost ONE BILLION people are drinking in the world today. It isn't fair! Let's make a difference!

Click here to change lives!

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Dawn said...

Just gave a donation and put a link on my blog. Hoping that you make that $5000 goal. Praying for you all. Wonderful thing that you are doing. Thank you for following Gods directions!