Monday, August 30, 2010

Day 240(part 1) - ONE MORE DAY!!!

Remeber the post from Day 186 (I am reposting it below)? Seeing those images make my HEART hurt. I hope and pray it makes your HEART hurt too. I could post a hundred posts (and I may just do that...haha!) today and tomorrow about the Friends of Fanose well fund in an attempt to get you to join the cause, but if your heart is hardened it won't make any difference. PLEASE open your hearts. There is a real NEED.

I may think I NEED a certain pair of super cute shoes for Hillary Ashton this fall, but really that isn't a NEED...that is a LUXURY. That is MY luxury. Those shoes, a quick fast food meal, a new purse...will those things mean anything to you in five years? Heck, will they mean anything to you next month? I doubt it. However, I guarantee a fresh water well will mean everything to a person living in Africa next month, next year, in twenty years. And you know what? Being a part of this fund will mean a lot of you next Spring too :o) Your heart will be so happy that you helped...that you made a difference...that YOU SAVED A LIFE!

Let's make someone's wildest dreams come true today...let's build a well so they can have a fresh, refreshing cup of water anytime they want it!


All photos taken by: fotosagenda


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