Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day 241 (part 2) - In Other News...

I have spent the last few days blogging about the Friends of Fanose fund which means I haven't posted much about my precious babies! Oh no! How will the world survive without daily updates about my sweeties...haha!

We are expecting a call any day from Jonah's caseworker to let us know the results of the test he took a couple months ago. We are pretty sure we know what the test will reveal, but we are keeping our fingers crossed that everyone will be shocked by the results :o)

Jonah is currently cutting his second tooth (on the bottom) and has been crawling all over the house! Having three mobile girls and one immobile baby is one thing...having four mobile kids is a totally different ballgame! Whew! He is keeping me on my toes, but I LOVE it! It is so precious to watch that sweet baby develop on track and defy all of the odds.

Sunday marked a big day in Jonah's life...
He had his very first McDonald's french fry :o) He loved it and wanted another one, and then another, and another, you get the point :o)

There are four things I want to share with you about this picture...
1. This picture was taken during our THREE HOUR visit to Wal-Mart last Sunday. As we were loading into the car after church, Neil noticed that two of the tires on our family mobile were pretty worn so we stopped by Wal-Mart on our way home to get two tires changed. Is there anything worse than having to buy two new tires? The answer is Yes. Having to buy three! I think buying new tires is just about the worst way to have to spend your money! Haha! Luckily, the kids were easily entertained in the toy aisle :o)

2. See the dress Hillary Ashton is wearing? I wish I would have gotten a better picture of it! Anyways, it is soooooooo cute! A few weeks ago, I decided to buy Hillary Ashton's Fall clothes on Ebay. I like to search for clothes that are NWT (new with tags) or NWOT (new without tags). I think you can probably get some good used clothes, but I have a hard time judging the condition the clothes are in by looking at pictures. Anyways, you can get some really good deals on new clothes too! This sweet little dress was only $29...for a brand new Matilda Jane dress :o) I LOVE it!

3. The two big girls have been asking to go to McDonalds this week which is kinda weird because we never go there. Luckily for them, there is a McDonalds in our Wal-Mart so we dined there during our three hour stay :o) When the girls got their food, neither one of them ate much...at all. I asked them why they weren't eating and they said, "We just wanted to come to McDonalds to get these cool dolls...not to eat." Haha!

4. See those three girls in the picture above? They are all potty trained!!!!!!!!! Julianne started potty training on Friday and by Saturday evening, we had our first out the house trip in underwear! She has worn them since and has only had one tiny accident (after school today). I am sooooooo proud of Miss Julianne. She has taken to potty training like a champ. She has even been dry several mornings! Yahoo!!!

I am pretty sure most of you probably know this next piece of information, but I just wanted to share it with you...just in case :o)
A couple days ago I posted a series of pictures of Julianne gathering dirty water as many kids do in Ethiopia everyday. She hiked to a ditch on the edge of our property and gathered dirty water into her bottle and then hiked back to the house with it on her head. She actually loved the water gathering game. In fact, I had to bribe her several times to get her to QUIT smiling! Haha! That girl cracks me up! Anyways, even though it looks like she is drinking out of the dirty bottle...she is NOT. Just wanted to clear that up :o)

This evening, we traveled to a suburb of our town in an attempt to sign Hillary Ashton up for Fall Ball. She is SUPER excited about playing baseball! We waited in line and when it was our turn, the man said, "The lady that I registered right before you got the last 6 year old spot." Boo! He did give us hope that there would probably be a few spots available if a couple people did not show up to pay tonight. We are keeping our fingers crossed because this girl has big baseball dreams!
She wants us all to wear matching "Go Hill Go!" shirts (with a very specific design) and wave flags at all of her games :o) Gotta love six year olds!

Upon hearing the coach say that all of the teams are filled, she let out a huge sigh and said, "Oh man. I have wanted to play baseball my entire life." I said, "Maybe we can check on the basketball team at our church. She said, "If I can't play baseball, I don't want to play any sport. I am a baseball girl, mom!"

The Friends of Fanose fund is up to $3180!!!!!!! Only $1820 to go!!!!! Praise God!

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