Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Day 242 - House Full of Babies & Friends of Fanose...

Sophie Le was SO excited today to have her one of her very favorite people over to play...
I had the pleasure of having these two in my MDO class last year and it was sooooo sweet to watch them play together. Most of the time, they looked just like they do in that picture above...giggling and smiling. LOVE it! I am sad to say that the main reason AB came over to play was because movers were at her house :o( They are moving this week. Sophie Le is definitely gonna miss her "bestest friend."

AB's super cute little brother, who is Julianne's age, stayed with us too! It was Julianne's first friend to come over and play :o)
I really don't think those two kids could be any cuter!

Speaking of cute kids :o)
That is Julianne...she is still potty trained. I am still in shock, but I am one happy mama! Haha!

The battery went dead on the Barbie Jeep so the big kids pushed the little kids around for a bit :o)

When their mom came to pick them up, she brought cupcakes from "Cupcakes on the Ridge." How yummy do those look? The girls couldn't resist splitting one of the peanut butter, chocolate cupcakes :o)

Tonight was a big night at our church. It was Julianne's first night in Mission Friends!!! And Hillary Ashton's first night of GAs!! I still cannot believe my baby is in the Children's department now (pre-first grade is the preschool area)!

Julianne was chosen to hold the American flag during the pledge...which is kinda ironic since she is the only child in the class that isn't an American citizen :o) She was sooooooooooo proud...can you tell? Haha! And yes, I do stalk my children while they are in class :o)

Hillary Ashton is on the left...she is the child wearing a pirate hat made out of newspaper :o) I LOVE that girl!

Sophie Le listening to a story in Mission Friends...

The Friends of Fanose fund had another GREAT day :o) Our new total is....$3,665!!!




Thank you so much to our recent donors: Tommy & Debra Arnold, Leigh Booth, Tony & Melissa Woodruff, Natasha Perryman, Dan & Joneen Copeland, Holly Calaway, Dawn Feezell, Debbie Bouldin, Nicci James, Meredith Strauss, Kelly Olson, Kara & Jeremy & Ally & Brennan Hodges, Heather & Blake & Bryce & Caleigh Murphy (who have donated many times!), Sarah & Jeremy Adams, Cathy Gammill, Chris Powell, Susan Berry, Tenille Rauls, Leslie Cadzow (who has donated many times!), Linda Smith (who has also donated more than once!), Robin Veazey, Kelly Baugher, Tiffani McConnell (who has donated more than once too!), Doug and Alese Stroud, Jennifer May AND several very generous anonymous donors!!!

God bless each one of you that have donated, prayed and spread the word about Friends of Fanose!!! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Because of your donations, children like this six year old little girl will not have to gather their drinking water from muddy streams.
Girl collecting unsafe water in Ethiopia
Really...can you imagine drinking that water?
Women collecting unsafe water in Ethiopia
Because of you guys, women and children will not have to spend a majority of their day hauling HEAVY water jugs back to their village.
Women carrying unsafe water home
These two ladies hike THREE HOURS to their nearest water source. You read that right...three way! That is SIX hours of hiking everyday...just to gather water!
Ethiopian girls carrying water
Instead they will be able to work and go to school and take care of their families!

They will have clean, SAFE water right in their village!!!
You know, most of the people you are helping have never seen clean water.

Seriously, how can you say no to these two cuties?

Click here to donate to the Friends of Fanose water fund and to track our progress :o)

{Water photos taken by waterdotorg, Charity: Water & nopattern}


Heather M. said...

You should send in your picture on the blog header to charity is amazing...I bet they would use it in a campaign....Great on the amount raise! Incredible!! I really think you will do it! How exciting to be a part of something that huge! Oh & congrats on the potty training...C still struggles...well, someday! :)

Kandi West said...

It made me so happy to see a picture from GAs last night...I had to miss the kickoff b/c I wasn't feeling well. Loved being able to see a picture of my girls there!