Thursday, September 2, 2010

Day 243 - Friends, Base-u-ball & Ideas...

Sophie Le was so excited to have her friend AB and her little brother A over to play again today!

What a group of cutie pies! Notice who is PULLED UP at the end of the line :o)
I sure am gonna miss that little girl!

I lined up the kids on the steps to give them a snack. Jonah was on the other side of the room playing with a toy at the time. When he saw the big kids eating, he dropped his toy and crawled VERY quickly over to the steps and started yelling...haha! He wanted a snack too :o)

Hillary Ashton made it on a t-ball team for this Fall so we met Daddy at a sports store to get her a glove. Sounds like an easy task, right? WRONG. She's a lefty therefore she needs a lefty glove and there were NONE at the store...or the next store...or the next store!

She did have a ball trying out all of the "base-u-ball" equipment.
When we couldn't find a lefty glove, we tried to see if she could throw with her right hand. Her older cousin writes with his left hand, but throws with his right.
No luck. After a couple throws, she said "Guys, I am definitely a lefty." Haha!
Btw, that is an umbrella sticking out of her shorts. She thought it might rain while we were in the store and insisted on bringing the umbrella into the store.

She cannot wait to get started. She kinda worried me the other day when she said, "I think I will be the only girl on my team and I think I will really like that." What the heck does that mean??????

Trying out a pair of cleats...
Before we left the house, I told her to grab a pair of sock so she could try on shoes at the store. She chose pink knee high socks with heart on them side :o) Gotta love that girl!

We came home empty handed. Where are we going to find a lefty glove? I don't think we have time to order one off of the internet.

Don't forget about Friends of Fanose! Our new total is $3705...which is WONDERFUL! BUT we still need $1295 (Wow, that actually sounds doable!) to build a well.

You guys have been so supportive by donating, praying and spreading the need to your friends and families. Thank you!

Does anyone have any good ideas about how we could raise the remaining funds? I thought about contacting a local television they do promote things like this? Any other ideas?

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Heather M. said...

I don't know why, but I was thinking about how to raise the extra $$$$ for charity water. What about a raffle? You can offer a hand-made outfit like the cute ones you make for the girls & raffle it off....or raffle the idea of the outfit then have the winning mom choose the size. I would buy a ticket! I think you would have to sell them for at least $10 to make some $$$$....hmmmm, if I come up with anything else I'll let ya know! Good Luck!