Sunday, September 5, 2010

Day 246 - Cookie Dough & The Zoo...

When I make cookies with the girls, they LOVE eating the cookie dough. So does their daddy...haha. I have always felt a little out of the club because I don't eat eggs and I have never been crazy about the idea of the girls (or their daddy) eating raw eggs so when I found a recipe for eggless cookie dough I knew we had to try it! The recipe is for cookie dough...that is your goal. Cookie dough to eat...yummy! Haha!


Here is the recipe if you want to try is yummy!

We skipped the last step of dipping the cookie dough in melted chocolate, but I think that would be pretty tasty as well :o)

The girls LOVED the cookie dough...they loved playing with it and eating it :o)
I am not sure if this child enjoyed playing with the dough more or eating the dough more :o) She thought the cookie dough was more fun that play dough :o)
Do any of your kids insist on looking to the side when you are taking a picture? All of mine do...what are they looking at?
I thought it was funny how Sophie Le lined up her cookie dough balls up in a straight line..ha!
My modest girl :o)

This afternoon, we finally put our zoo membership to's been awhile!
My two cuties...
The girls feeding the turtles, swans and fish.
Jonah was so GOOD to just sit and enjoy the ride. He has been teething lately so I was relieved he had a good day.
Snack time!
I probably have a dozen (or more) pictures of the girls posing by this statue. For some reason, they ALWAYS ask to have their picture made there! Haha!
I set the girls up on this wall to take their picture...
So I could inconspicuously take a picture of this guy...
Haha! That was definitely an animal we hadn't seen before :o)

The girls enjoyed smashing a few pennies right before we left. Hillary Ashton chose the penguin design. We cannot wait for the penguin exhibit to open! It is scheduled to open this fall!
Sophie Le chose the elephant design. We got to pet the elephants today!
Julianna chose the giraffe...she was so proud :o)
Sweet little face!
LOVE that girl!
No matter how many pennies we smash, I will always think it is cool :o)

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Renee Moak said...

Mmm! Cookie dough! Can't wait to try it!
I love those pennies too!