Monday, September 6, 2010

Day 247 - Happy Labor Day...

Hope everyone had a nice, relaxing Labor Day today!

This afternoon, Mimi and Papa came to visit. We met them for lunch at Panera Bread (yummy!) and then did a little shopping. While we were at The Children's Place looking at clothes for the little girls, Hillary Ashton got a little bored and said, "I'm going to pick out some stuff for me." {Sigh, my baby girl is now in the BIG girl's section!} When we got finished in the baby girl section, I went to check on Hillary Ashton...
She was in the dressing room with tons of pajamas, several hats and a two princess tieras and had them lined up in the dressing room! My girl is ALL about comfort and accessories! Haha! LOVE that girl.

After shopping, we made a quick pit stop at Chic-Fil-A for drinks (and apparently some pictures...haha!).

This one promised me that she will let me put her hair in pigtails when she 20. I felt the need to go ahead a put that in writing for future reference :o)
Papa with a couple kiddos...
Mimi with a couple kiddos...
Sweet baby on the way home!

We had a fun day! Thanks Mimi and Papa!

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