Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day 249 - T-Ball Practice and WATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so (SO, SO, SO) excited about the Charity: Water live drill that was posted today!!! I will share more about that in a minute :o) :o) :o)

Today Hillary Ashton had her first t-ball practice. We got a voicemail last night from her new coach. I couldn't believe who it was! Her new coach is our very favorite, most awesome doctor! Well, he was our awesome doctor until he left private practice a few months ago and left us all without a doctor...haha! Yes, our entire family went to the same doctor. Is there anything better than a pediatrician that also sees adults? I think not :o) He is also very pro-adoption which gets you very high marks in my book :o) Haha!

So back to practice. I loved it. Every single minute. Even all of the minutes I was being wallered by three little nutty babies :o) You guys, it was soooo sweet watching my baby play ball. She has done gymnastics and cheer before, but this is her first team sport. It was just precious!


I guess we missed the memo that only boys play t-ball around here...oops! Haha! One of the other moms did mention there was a girl that played last year..."a" the whole league.

So far, Hillary Ashton doesn't mind being the only girl. When we got in the car after practice, she said, "Did you know I would be the only girl? I thought I might, but I am still surprised. It felt kinda weird being the only girl, but also kinda good." Haha!

That's my girl!

Her first game is this Saturday...we can't wait!

Okay, WATER!!!!!! If you read the blog yesterday, you saw that Charity: Water is doing live drills in Africa this month to celebrate their forth birthday. Well yesterday's drill was one of the 5% of well drills that end in no water. Sad. Very Sad. Can you imagine wanting clean water? Dreaming for clean water? Wishing for clean water? Praying for clean water? Well that is what this particular village in Africa did. They thought their dreams had come true when the drilling truck pulled into their village to drill a well. Unfortunately, the drilling team dug, and dug and dug and the well collapsed. Then they dug some more and some more and some more and found no water. The drilling team was heartbroken. The people of the village were heartbroken. I am heartbroken. It was so sad to see the drilling truck pull out of the village and the people left with no water. The team plans to go back to that village and try again soon.

I am sooooo happy that today's drill went much, much better! They found water very quickly today :o) Watching the water spray up out of the ground into the crowd of people was Ah-may-zing. So very cool. Watching the faces of the Bayaka people as the CLEAN water fell on them brought tears to my eyes. Happy, thankful tears :o)

You can watch today's drill here...

I feel so lucky that we are able to be a part of this amazing project! We are so close to being able to have a well dug in Africa. Can you imagine the difference clean water will make to a village? It will be HUGE! Join me. It is going to be a life-changing experience for all of us!

Click here to be apart of the something big! You will never regret helping these people get clean water. I promise. Friends of Fanose.

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Laura said...

That is an amazing video. It is just so heart-wrenching to know there are some many that do without the basics of life. Thanks again for doing all of the work for this fundraiser and for working to make everyone aware!