Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day 250 - A Run Down of the Day & Friends of Fanose Update!!!!!!!

AMAZING Friends of Fanose update on the end of today's post!!!!!!!!!

This morning, Hillary Ashton and I dropped off the little kids at MDO. We had several errands to run and I knew we could get them done much quicker without three extra helpers :o)


First stop...DMV. Since my driver's license expired three months ago and the address on my licence hasn't been correct for over a year, I thought the DMV might be a good place to start :o) I was pleasantly surprised by the new DMV office! It was spacious and seemed to be clean :o) Best of all, we were in and out within 10 minutes!! Whoo hoo!

Next we went to Academy Sports. We have been to that store four times in the last two weeks which doubles the amount of times I have ever been to that store..haha! On today's list was baseball pants and blue socks. The baseball pants are too long so I am going to hem them tomorrow...I hope that turns out okay! The trend is mid-calf, isn't it?

Next we went to Hobby Lobby...ahhhh...LOVE that store! We picked up some new fabrics that I LOVE :o) I can't wait to get started on a few new outfits...including a Halloween outfit :o)

Ganny, Papa Texarkana and Daddy met us for lunch at our favorite lunch spot...Larry's. Yum, yum, yum! It was so strange eating with one kid. I ate WAY too much since I only had to tend to myself during lunch :o)

Next stop was Target. Sparkle church shoes for the girls. I decided to get each of the girls a different color. Black for Hill, Gold for Le and Silver for JuJu. When did I get too old for sparkle shoes? I still like them...but for some reason they don't have them on my aisle :o)

It is crazy how much more you can get done with only one child in tow! It would usually take me all day to do the above tasks, but today it only took a couple hours!

I picked up the little kids and was so happy to hear they all had a good day :o) I was a little nervous dropping Julianne off even though she hasn't had any accidents...I just wasn't sure how she would do without mommy taking her to the potty :o) They said she did accidents :o) Yay! And then she had TWO accidents this evening...oh my gosh....what happened? I MUST remember to give her a few bananas tomorrow for encouragement!


On the way home, I got a call from Jonah's caseworker...we received the news we were expecting. However, just because we were expecting it doesn't mean it was easy to hear. If things go okay with the next step in the process, Jonah could be leaving our home within the next month. Honestly, I CANNOT imagine him leaving. My heart breaks for that sweet baby and his three big sisters. Today he turned 10 months old and wore his first pair of blue jeans. He looked like such a big boy...especially with his TWO new teeth! Man, I love that baby boy!


When we got home, Hillary Ashton got a new computer from her grandparents. It is shiny and red and is an upgraded version of MY COMPUTER. She said, "Finally! I have been wanting a new computer since I was four." Goodness gracious. I have no words! That child is a mess! Here she is doing her "important work" aka


Sophie Le surprised us all by saying she wanted to go spend some time at her grandparent's herself. This is her first overnight visit by herself. When I was in her room packing her bag, she said, "While I am gone, Hill and JuJu can clean up this big mess I made in my room." Haha! I just love my babies!


How did my baby get so big...and independent? I remember the days when she wouldn't let me put her down for a second (literally) and now this...

Friends of Fanose...

You guys are amazing. Seriously, amazing. I am so thankful to report to you that the Friends of Fanose fund is up to....(drum roll)....


A HUGE thanks to Marianne Roemer and a VERY generous anonymous donor that helped push the Friends of Fanose past the $4000 mark!

As wonderful as that total is (and it IS wonderful and amazing and awesome), what makes me even happier is this number...


That is the number of people that WILL have access to clean drinking water because of you guys!!!!!!! 213...that is a lot of people. That is moms, dads, kids, uncles, aunts, grandmas and grandpas that currently do not have access to clean water where they live that will now be able to gather clean drinking water from their very own well soon! Wow!

Thank you for your giving spirit!

Here is a video made by Charity: Water showing a well funded by Will and Jada Pinkett Smith. Water makes such a huge difference. HUGE.

Water changes lives. Will you change lives with Friends of Fanose? Click here to join us! We're almost there!!!


The Garners said...

Amy, my heart just broke and I got tears in my eyes when I read your news about the phone call. I can't imagine Jonah leaving your precious home either. Continuing to pray for all involved...

I know what you mean about the errands...I'm always amazed at how many things I can do during a few short MDO hours.

Unknown said...

I might need to enlist your sewing help for Halloween costumes. Hulse and Olivia are going to be Pebbles and Bam Bam.

Sami said...

You are SOOO lucky bc my BFF had an expired license. YEARS expired though. And now she has to retake her tests! But she can get her learners permit and drive with an adult :)