Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day 256 - Big Girl and A Few of my Fave Posts...

I have lots to do before bed tonight so I am going to make this quick :o)

This afternoon, I picked out the kids' clothes for church tonight. Yes, they got ready for the day at 4:00 p.m. Have I mentioned that I LOVE home school :o) Haha! Hillary Ashton was finishing up her school work when I walked into her room and held up the outfit I picked out for her and asked her if the outfit was okay. Her response CRACKED ME UP! First of all, she half snorted and half laughed, which I LOVE. And then she said, "Moooom! That looks so big girl." Haha! LOVE that child. I asked if she wanted me to pick something else out and she said, "No, I am a big girl so that outfit will be just fine."

So, of course I had to snap a couple picture of her before we left :o)

I agree, she does look like a big girl :o)
How did we get to this point sooooooo quickly?
I am just thankful that she still lets me put ruffle socks on her even though she is a "big girl."
I have read a couple blog posts this week that I think you might like reading too so here they are :o)

This post was written by a {humorous} single dad in response to being asked one too many times how much his kid cost.

This one was written by a friend of mine. It is a precious, precious post about her son's love for a classmate. I am just warning will probably need a Kleenex. That kid of hers'...he's got a big heart.

The last post was written by another friend of mine (Hi Jamie!). Her post chronicles the life of her washer and dryer. It is a really cool perspective on the changes that occur in our lives.

I guess that's about it. Oh wait, two more things. Verizon gave me a new phone to replace my screwed up, out of warranty phone. Go Verizon!!! Yay!!! I got it tonight and I am sooooooo thankful! Also, we are FINALLY down to two cats again. Treeman, the wild man, is G.O.N.E. I can't say I miss him, but I do hope he is doing okay!

I guess that's about it for tonight. I'm thirsty, I think I am going to grab a nice, refreshing glass of water whille I get out stuff ready for tomorrow :o)


Renee said...

awwww...big girl outfits. My son has been home only 2.5 years (just a baby to me!) and he's long overdue to start shaving. He growing up too fast! In the blink of an eye! I don't like it one bit!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention Amy!

Also, I am in love with HA's new shoes!! Maybe I do need a girl. Hmmm...