Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day 257 - Dancing, Treasures, Baseball and Well Update...

As we were leaving MDO this afternoon, a friend of ours gave Hillary Ashton a donation for the Friends of Fanose well fund. She played it pretty cool when she received the money, just a few hops up and down :o) However, after our friend drove off, she went nuts :o) Have I mentioned how much Hillary Ashton wants to build a well in Africa? Well, she does...a lot. Haha! She danced and squealed and pretty much floated on cloud nine the entire ride home. I just LOVE her heart. I LOVE that she WANTS to build a well. I LOVE that she KNOWS about the need for clean water in this world and she CARES. I hope she never loses her sweet spirit.

When we got home, she said "We should take a picture of this well money for the Internet (she checks our blog daily...haha!)." Oh my! I may have a future blogger on my hands :o) Haha!

I said, "Hillary Ashton, what did you think when Ms. Jennifer gave you that money for the well?" Her face says it all :o)
I then asked her how she thinks the people in Africa will feel when they find out about all of the people in America that are donating money to build a well for their village. She said, "I bet they are going to be so happy that they can't stop dancing. Like me, I feel so happy that I wanna dance." And you know what? She went with that feeling...for about five straight minutes :o)
Mommy may have joined her...however, there will be NO pictures of that :o) Haha!

Next, we checked the mail. Checking the mail is an event at our house. Usually everyone in the house checks the a group :o) Haha! The girls were thrilled to get their very own copies of National Geographic for Kids :o) {Thanks Ganny...they love it!!}
Sweet, sweet little face!
She wanted me to take a picture of her with this cute animal...this may be getting out of control :o) Haha!

Little sister was happy stomping the leaves on the back deck while the big kids read their new magazines.
Julianne woke up this morning with a swollen place on her cheek. There is a knot right under the skin. She is pointing at it...
When I ask her if it hurts she sticks out her lip. I LOVE her sweet little pouty lips!
Luckily, Hill's new coach is our old doctor and we had practice at his house tonight :o) Actually, we asked his wife about her bump because she is also a doctor. I hope the advice she gave us works for the bump because I do not enjoy sitting in a doctor's office with four kids. AT ALL!

Remember me telling you about Sophie Le's LOVE (LOVE!!!) of stuffing bags full of crap treasures? Well today I decided to photograph the contents of this purse she has been attached to for the last couple of days.
At first, she wasn't sure if she wanted me looking through her purse because "JuJu might try to snatch my stuff." Haha!
I assured her that JuJu wouldn't try to snatch her stuff...or rather that I wouldn't let JuJu snatch her stuff :o) So she agreed to empty out her contents for me :o)
That purse was PACKED full of crap treasures!
We have a tea cup, a telescope, one of Jonah's old pacifiers (that he will no longer take...ugg!), two little people, a red and orange car, a train, two stuffed dogs, a Hello Kitty bracelet, a flashlight shaped like a mouse and a silk flower.
At this very moment, there are probably (at least) seven more bags/purses/backpacks packed full of stuff, just like this. Drives me crazy! But my baby loves them so I am learning to as well.

Tonight, Hillary Ashton had ball practice.
Pretty impressive, huh? Actually she caught more bugs/insects than balls tonight :o) Every few minutes, she brought another bug to me and insisted that I let her put them in the pouch on the side of the stroller. I insisted even more that she not do that. I least I thought I did until we got home and I cleaned out the stroller pouch. Sneaky girl!

We may need a bigger stroller...haha!

The Friends of Fanose fund is up to........

$4395!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whoo!!!!!!!!!!!! Hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That means 219 people will have clean water because of the money raised so far!!! THANK YOU GUYS!!! Thank you so much to our recent donors: Jennifer Ahne, Jan Keith and Kristen Hodge!!! You guys are helping to change the world!!

We have 14 more days to raise the remaining $605. Help us spread the word by pressing the "Like" button on our Friends of Fanose Facebook page...

Click here to visit our Friends of Fanose Facebook Page.

Click here to donate to the Friends of Fanose Well fund and to track our progress.

Let's do this!! Let's build a well!!!!

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Renee Moak said...

I can't not believe all that stuff fit into that tiny little purse!!! Maybe she will be a professional organizer one day! haha!

I actually laughed out loud at the bugs in the stroller pouch. HAHA!