Friday, September 17, 2010

Day 258 - Babies Grow...

Jonah - November 2009, the day he came home from the hospital :o)
Jonah - September, 2010

Julianne - July 2009, taken a few weeks after she came home from Ethiopia
Julianne - September, 2010

Sophie Le - May 2007, taken in the parking lot of the airport right after we landed in Arkansas. We had been traveling for around 30 hours straight...we were so thankful to be home!
Sophie Le - September, 2010

Hillary Ashton - April 2005, Hillary Ashton was 9 1/2 months old and because she hit the 20 pound mark, we got her a new big girl carseat. We had just gotten the seat our of the box about five minutes before this picture was taken. She was sooooo excited to try it out. She was just a little younger than Jonah when this picture was taken!!!
Hillary Ashton - September, 2010

What a group. No wonder I am worn out tonight :o) Haha!

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Willis said...

I love the last picture! All 4 in car seats! I can honestly say I feel your tiredness. Now that we have 3 in car seats I can actually feel for moms of multiple children. Isn't it great?