Saturday, September 18, 2010

Day 259 - Baseball vs. Football...

We have a bit of a problem at our house. Apparently we haven't done a very good job exposing our girls to sports at our house. Sure, we have invested lots of time and money in gymnastics and cheer...both of which are sports, in my opinion. However, all of the "ball sports" have been a bit neglected, up until about a month ago.


Don't get me wrong...we like "ball sports"...they just aren't a big part of our life. We HEART Razorback football, but the girls have never been that interested in watching the games with us. They would rather play with their barbies :o)


As you know, Hillary Ashton started T-Ball a few weeks ago. The whole concept of baseball is foreign to her, but she LOVES it :o) Because of her new love of sports, she was VERY interested in the Razorback football game last Saturday. However, the lessons she learned from last Saturday's football did not necessarily translate very well into last Thursday's baseball practice! Let me just remind you that she is the only girl. So at practice, she decided to put into play a few of the moves she learned watching football. She tackled every boy that tried to get the baseball.



And she LOVED it.


After practice, she said "practice was soooooo fun today." Haha!


We talked to her about how you aren't suppose to tackle in baseball so today's game went a little better :o) She only tackled a couple kids.


After the game, she said, "baseball would be a lot more fun if we could tackle. That is my favorite part."


So......maybe football is in our future after all...haha.

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