Monday, September 20, 2010

Day 261 - Prayers, Library Run, Visits and $325

Please keep baby H in your prayers. She is our friend's precious 10 week old baby girl. H's mom found a growth (tumor) on the side of her eye. Their family doctor looked at it today and they are going to see a specialist tomorrow. PLEASE PRAY for good news and comfort for the family. I believe in miracles.

After MDO today (I feel like I start a lot of posts that way!), we stopped by the library for some more books. We HEART books. Hillary Ashton picked out a couple more Junie B. Jones books and a book about apples. I picked out Charlotte's Web to read to all of the kids. We read the first chapter tonight and they LOVED it. What's not to like about a pet pig you feed with a baby bottle? Haha!
Sophie Le picked out a book called, Ned's New Home . It's a really cute story about a worm named Ned looking for a new home...haha! Bet you would have never guessed that plot :o)
Julianne did not pick out a book, but she still wanted to pose for a picture...haha!

Tomorrow, sweet Jonah has a visit. Sigh.

Thank you so much to Nga T. Do, Melissa Davis and Alyza Kate(her mommy and daddy were in our travel group to Ethiopia!) for donating to the Friends of Fanose well fund!!!

The fund has GROWN to.....(drumroll).....(drumroll)....



Oh my goodness!!! Praise God!!!!!!

We are a mere $325 away from our goal of $5000. $325 away from providing an entire village in Ethiopia CLEAN water!!! AMAZING!!!

Because of YOU GUYS, the Friends of Fanose fund will help 233 people that currently gather their water from sources like this...

Soon, they will be enjoying refreshing, clean water!

That is a BIG, BIG deal!!! Yay!!!

There is still time for you to join this life changing project. We have 10 more days to raise money for the well. We would LOVE for you to join us and be a part of the Friends of Fanose team!

Click here to donate and track our progress!

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