Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Day 262 - Baseball, Boyfriends and The Well...

This morning, the kids and I went to MDO. Jonah's caseworker came to get him for a visit this morning. The caseworker reported that he had a good visit. I am thankful. We also got good news from his caseworker. I am really thankful for that :o)

After MDO, we headed home for a few minutes so Hillary Ashton could finish up her school work and Jonah could get a quick cat nap. Then we headed to t-ball practice. Hillary Ashton did not tackle anyone at practice...although she was a bit grumpy about that :o) That girl is a little stinker!

{My camera is a bit out of whack today}
LOVE the position of her left leg as she throws the ball :o) Soooooo sweet!

During practice, I saw her talking to a few of the boys on her team. I WAS really thankful that the boys are finally talking to her...until practice ended. One of the little boys told me that he was asking Hillary Ashton if she has a boyfriend (Aggg!). He said, "She told me that she does have a boyfriend." I about fainted...right there. I said nothing. The little boy continued. He said, "Yea, she said she has a ghost boyfriend." I am not crazy about the idea of a "ghost boyfriend," but I guess it beats a real boyfriend :o)

Once we got in the car, I asked her more about their conversation. She told me that one of the little boys told her that he just "broke-up" with his girlfriend and was looking for a new one...aggg! I told her that she has my permission to tackle any boy that asks her to be his girlfriend. I also told her that after she tackles them to "RUN away as fast as you can." She agreed. Whew!

During practice, the two little girls had a great time playing with their little yellow ball :o)
And with their adorable little brother :o)
Check out those two sweet little teeth!

Well Update...

We are up to $4800!!! Wowza!! So exciting! A BIG thank you to our friends, The Hankins and The O'Connors for donating today!!! You guys are awesome!!!

We have nine days left if you want to be a part of the action :o) I promise, you will not regret it! Click here to visit the Friends of Fanose Well Fund.


Nicki said...

i love the light in the first two! :)
- nicki xo

The Garners said...

Jonah looks so happy in the stroller--what a sweet sweet smile!!!

Heather M. said...

I love the practice photos & you're right...that pose when throwing is adorable! Sweet little girls (and boy, too!) WOW on the WELL!!! You're gonna make it!!!