Friday, September 24, 2010

Day 265 - Boo! Fall Craft for the Kiddos...

My big girl would do crafts all day, everyday if she had things her way. I have fallen behind in the craft department lately. I just hate when life gets too hectic for quality time with my kids...what is all of this other stuff getting in the way? I have decided to make an effort to do more crafty things with the girls this Fall :o) Quality time is definitely a love language for my all of my kiddos!

Today we made Halloween Letters to sit on the bookcase. Yesterday while we were at Hobby Lobby picking out fabric for the fabric pumpkins, we were browsing (a VERY dangerous thing to do in Hobby Lobby!) and came across the wood aisle. I LOVE the wood aisle :o) I saw the wooden letters and decided to make a Halloween word with the letters. After much discussion, the girls decided on "Boo!"

So here is another easy, quick craft to do with the kiddos :o)


What you need and how's it done...

Cute scrapbook paper, Modge Podge, brush, scissors and paint. We actually chose the cardboard letters instead of the wood letters because we liked the font better :o)

The girls LOVE picking out materials for our crafts, I think it adds a lot of excitement to the project :o)

First you need to trace each of the letters on the back of the scrapbook paper. Be sure and trace the letters BACKWARDS.

You also might want to make sure the scrapbook paper pattern is going the right direction :o) Whoops! Haha!

Next, paint the back and sides of the letter.

After your letter drys, cover the front with Modge Podge.
It is best to get the Modge Podge as even and smooth as possible. Best, but not necessarily required :o)

Next, put your scrapbook paper on the letter and press down.

After the letter drys, apply a layer of Modge Podge on top of the paper. If you don't let the initial Modge Podge dry, your paper will wrinkle. No body likes wrinkled letters :o)

We applied three or four layers of Modge girl likes to use Modge Podge and she likes to say it :o) Haha! Be sure and let each coat dry before adding the next.

I think they turned out cute :o) I just need to put some spooky decorations around the letters. Hmmmm...

I also made the little girls (and Jonah!) outfits for Hillary Ashton's baseball games :o) You know, she requested everyone wear special shirts for her games...haha! Here is a sneak peek...


Jason and Erin said...

Okay, I've been holding back because I know that AMAZING people don't like being told that they are AMAZING, but... girl, you are AMAZING. I honestly can't wrap my head around how you could possibly do everything that you... do!
Simply UH-MAY-ZIN! (That's the Okie version.)

The Garners said...

Love the craft idea--super cute! We might have to try that soon! Plus it's a good excuse to use cute scrapbook paper without actually scrapbooking (something I have given up on!) :)

You're such a GREAT MOM!!!

Mod Podge Amy said...

Oh my gosh - this is way too cute!!