Saturday, September 25, 2010

Day 266 - Baseball and Roommates...

This morning, Hillary Ashton had a t-ball game. Once again, we were blessed with amazing weather!

Hillary Ashton was soooooo excited that her sisters and brother had shirts to match hers for the game today!

She asked if I was going to get the little kids to stand backwards during the game so she could see the number 6 on the backs. Haha!

Oh my goodness. Jonah in a baseball cap...cuteness overload!

Don't let the sweet faces fool you...I think these two look for ways to drive me crazy...every minute of everyday...haha!

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE the t-ball games? This was one of my favorite moments of today's game...three players from the other team wrestling over the ball. Our coach had to get the ball from one of the players so we could continue the game. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!

Look at the smile on my baby's face as she is getting ready to bat. So sweet!

She LOVES hearing her sisters cheer for her :o)

Check out that speed :o)

Hillary Ashton enjoys batting MUCH more that playing the field. She gets pretty bored because "no balls ever come to third base!" Luckily, she usually has plenty of ways to occupy her time :o) Here she is dancing...

Sweet Sophie Le...

My babies...

Cousin Ashley, Ganny and Papa Texarkana got to the game just in time to see the handshakes at the end of the game :o)

Hillary Ashton went home with them for a couple days :o( I know she is having a blast, but we miss her sooooo much!

Unfortunately, this afternoon's game didn't go as well as this morning's game. The Hogs played really well, but in the end ( the end), they lost. It was a very hard loss. It would have been so amazing to beat #1, Alabama!

We switched up roommates at our house this week. We are thinking Jonah might be here for awhile so we moved him out of our room and into a room with Julianne. Hillary Ashton moved into a room with Le Le. Whew! Tonight, we went to Home Depot to get a few parts so we could bunk the beds in the big girls' room!
Someone was a little excited about bunk beds!

The cooler weather also inspired me to start a Fall outfit for Sophie Le today. I found this orange polka dot fabric at Hobby Lobby and I LOVE it. I think it will look really cute on Le Le!

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!


Sami said...

When I clicked over from my Reader, I thought the title was "baseball and romances". What a relief it was roommates instead!!!

Heather said...

What adorable kids!