Monday, September 27, 2010

Day 268 - Crafts, Costumes and Cats...

My girl is back!!! Yay!
Btw, the girls LOVE their new glow in the dark skeleton pjs we got for only $6!! They literally wait by the laundry room when I wash them :o)

I am excited about the projects planned for this week! We will be attempting to make bottlecap necklaces!! I think the girls will LOVE this project! We also plan to make pumpkin garland to hang on the fireplace mantle :o) Yay!

Thank you for the costume suggestions for Halloween! I had to laugh when I read the Dr. Seuss suggestion because I had already thought about making Sophie Le and Julianne, Thing 1 and Thing 2 :o) However, Hillary Ashton has NO interest in being Dr. Seuss :o( Hillary Ashton told me that she wants to be Jesse from Toy Story and Sophie Le said she wants to be Woody. Not sure why Le wants to be the cowboy rather than the cowgirl. Hmmm.

As of today, our sweet Meow has been missing for TWO WEEKS! Hillary Ashton has made lots of "missing cat" signs, but so far there hasn't been any sign of him :o( If you happen to see a solid black cat with a great personality who loves to hunt and do crafts, he is our Meow. We miss him!

Here's Meow with Princess Lola when they were babies...


Renee said...

ooh....poor little kitten! I hope he returns soon!

Emy said...

:o( sorry about your kitty. where did you get jammies for $6?