Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Day 269 - Craft Time - Pumpkin Garland...

We go to MDO twice a week at our church. The definite highlight of the girls' day is when Daddy comes to take them to play during his lunch break. They have a good daddy :o) Here is a picture he texted me today of their play date :o)
Day 268 a
Those girls love their daddy!

Hillary Ashton's school day takes a bit longer on MDO days because we have to do tests, speed drills and reading when we get home since we do those things together. The girls have been wanting to do another Fall craft so I asked Hillary Ashton if she wanted to go to t-ball practice or do a craft since we didn't have time to do both...dumb question...craft trumps all other activities :o) Haha!

I have been saving paper towels rolls for quite awhile and honestly, I have been feeling a little weird about having a drawer full of empty rolls and absolutely no plans for them. Haha! However, when I saw this cute pumpkin garland the other day, my weird obsession for empty rolls no longer seemed crazy. I NEED all of those rolls for this fun Fall craft :o)

Today our empty paper towel rolls turned into this cute pumpkin garland for the fireplace mantle...

My girls LOVE, LOVE, LOVE any craft that involves paint and there is a lot of painting to do with this craft so it was a winner in their book :o) If you want to adorn your mantle with some fancy Fall garland, here is what you need and how you do it...

Paper towel rolls (or toliet paper rolls), paint, paint brushes, ruler, pencil, twine and a hot glue gun.

Flatten your paper roll and mark every half inch...
Cut the roll on the marks. You will need six pieces to make each pumpkin. You can get 22 pieces out of each paper towel roll. We made eight pumpkins so we needed three rolls. The girls (especially Le Le) LOVED all of the couting required by this craft :o)
I know I am her mama, but isn't that just the sweetest little face? :o)
It totally cracks me up when my girls see the camera pointed in their direction and they flash me a quick (fake) smile :o) I just know they are thinking, "Hurry and take the picture and let me finish my work, Mama!"
Sophie Le almost always tucks her fingers when she is working on a project. I LOVE her sweet little fingers.
This child LOVES messy projects.
Here are our 24 orange pieces. Hillary Ashton "arranged" these.
Here are our 24 black pieces. Sophie Le arranged these :o)
Notice a difference? Those two piles of pumpkin pieces pretty much sums up each of my girls!

Now you are ready to assemble the pumpkins! You will need four pieces as they are and two pieces cut on one end...
Line up four pieces on a straight edge and glue them together on the side where they touch...
Next, glue one straight piece on the bottom and one on the top...

Finish the pumpkin with a stem on top (cut about 1/4 inch piece from the paper roll and then cut off the end)...

You're almost done!!

Next, lace the twine through the pumpkins...

...and then hang it up!

Personally, I think it is the perfect compliment to fabric pumpkin :o) Haha!

Who would have guessed our mantle would be decorated with toliet paper and paper towels rolls? Haha! We are high class around here :o)


Laura said...

What a super cute craft!!! I love it!

Lisa said...

How cute! I love each girl's arrangement of the pieces! I want to come over for craft time someday! :)

Heather M. said...

Very Cute!