Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Day 270 - A Bad Morning...

Jonah had a well-baby visit scheduled for early this morning. We scheduled the appointment a month ago. Today was the "earliest available appointment." There is no other task I dread more than doctor visits. I absoutely DREAD taking the kids to the doctor. Every aspect from making the appointment to sitting in the waiting room for hours waiting on the doctor while entertaining four bored kids for hours...I dread it all. To make matters worse, my doctor visits are multiplied by four. Hillary Ashton and Julianne are up overdue for well-child visits and Jonah is overdue for a well-baby visit. It makes me feel overwhelmed thinking about it.
The doctor I take Jonah to takes FOREVER. Seriously, forever. I think we were there five hours one time, four hours the next, etc. It is just unreasonable to me that we sit there all day for a scheduled appointment. There aren't many things that put me in a bad mood, but doctor visits definitely do.
In an attempt to settle the chaos of taking four kids to the doctor's office (which I HATE because I feel like there are germs everywhere), I asked sweet hubby to take Sophie Le to work this morning. Sophie Le and Julianne a part are sweet, fairly obedient kids. Together they are little firecrackers who LOVE to push each other's buttons. Sweet hubby agreed so I only had three to take this morning.
I got to the office to check in for the appointment (which was suppose to be for a Thursday so I could drop the two little girls off at MDO, but the receptionist set it up for a Wednesday and I didn't check the date until yesterday) and Jonah's name was not on the computer. After 30 MINUTES, the receptionist realized she not only set it up on the wrong day, but it was also set up at the wrong clinic! Are you kidding me?!!?! I got four kids ready, fed, one kid bathed, entertainment and snacks packed, Sophie Le to Neil's work, drove 40 minutes and YOU set up the appointment at the WRONG CLINIC!!! Ugg!
I was sooooo mad. There were a million other things I would have rather have done this morning, but we had to go to the doctor and now we weren't even able to check it off the list because I was too aggravated (and now late) to drive to the other clinic for his appointment.
I went by and picked up Sophie Le (who LOVED going to work with Daddy) and headed home. I drove home with steam coming out of my ears because not only had I wasted the whole morning, I didn't even get his appointment done.
And then it hit me, I am so lucky. I am so lucky that this is such a big deal to me. I am so lucky that I am taking my baby to a WELL-BABY visit instead of taking a sick child to the doctor. I am so lucky to have these four firecrackers with me. I am so BLESSED to live the life I do. I don't deserve it, but I am so thankful to have it.
When I got home, I called DHS and changed his primary care provider and got appointments for three of the kids NEXT week at a different clinic in town. Yay! We used to use this clinic when Hillary Ashton was a baby and it is great. You can get in and out in a reasonable amount of time and you can get an appointment within a week or calling instead of a month or more out like our current doctor's office.
And then we had a great rest of the day :o)
The End.

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Heather M. said...

Wasted time is a big pet peeve of mine. There are so many things to do during the day! Fun things! Time Wasters! YUCK!! Glad you found another doctor...that wait time really is just plain ridiculous!