Friday, October 1, 2010

Day 272 - Welcome October, Babies and The Gap...

We are LOVIN' the cooler weather!

Hillary Ashton and Sophie Le both were speedy little students today and got done with their school work by 1:00! Yay! We spent the rest of the day enjoying this wonderful Fall day and cleaning out their toys (fun, fun!)!

Honestly, I don't mind organizing the kids' toys. I actually enjoy it :o) I really don't like when their toys get all mixed up. I think it makes it hard for them to play with them and it takes much longer for them to tidy up their rooms. The girls always get so excited when I clean their toys boxes because they feel like they got a bunch of new toys :o) However, I do think all of the cleaning got to Sophie Le because during her nightly prayer she said, "...dear Lord, please help me sleep neat and tidy tonight..." I couldn't help but laugh out loud when she said that. Haha!

As much I enjoyed cleaning up the toys, it could never compare to being outside watching the girls play!

We researched swing sets for a year before we purchased the one we have and I am so happy with the decision. The girls have gotten years of enjoyment out of it!

The girls entertained themselves with several games of duck, duck goose and hide-n-seek.

The words I posted yesterday with the pictures of Julianne and Sophie Le is a song called "Swept Away" by Geoff Moore. Geoff Moore is an amazing artist that adopted two children from China. Click here to listen to the song. It is one of my favorites! This is one of the songs we used for Sophie Le's adoption video.

On Fridays, I always reserve two Redbox movies for hubby to pick up on his way home. One for the girls and one for us. Tonight I rented Babies for us and Tom and Jerry meet Sherlock Homes for the girls. For once, I think the girls liked ours better than theirs! They were all memorized by the babies on the movie. If you haven't seen it, it is the story of four babies from their first breath to their first steps. The interesting part is that one baby is from the USA, one from Africa, one from Mongolia and one from Japan. The girls kept saying, "Hey this one is like me!" Haha! It was pretty crazy to watch how differently each of the children were raised...and how similar, as well. Sophie Le asked no less than 20 times if the Asian mom was her birth mother and if the Asian baby was her. Each girl really seemed to relate and enjoy watching the baby from their birth land. Very interesting.

I entered a couple pictures of Julianne in the Gap Casting Call. If you have a couple seconds, click over and vote for her :o) I think she would make an awesome Gap model and I know her mommy would love to win a gift certificate to Gap Kids :o)

Just click HERE and HERE...thanks! You can vote everyday, if you want :o)

Also, we may be having a big change at our house in the next few weeks. Eeek! Wish us luck!

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Renee said...

Henok is the same way about keeping tidy. He must get that from me..teehee! We LOVE to organize together.
Good luck on Gap and the new changes!