Saturday, October 2, 2010

Day 273 - Sliding Home, Time-Outs and Casting Call...

It's Saturday so that means "Game Day" for us :o) Jonah really seemed to enjoy the t-ball game today. He watched, babbled and clapped throughout the game. He is soooooo sweet.

Here he is clapping after big sister "busted" the ball :o)
He spent a lot of time standing at the fence watching the action. I cannot believe how fast he is growing up! Btw, he is wearing his first shoes in the picture below! Awwww!
Sophie Le, the little monkey :o)

I am pretty sure Hillary Ashton gets the prize for dirtiest uniform after the game! Haha! As we were walking through the ball field on the way to her game this morning, she paused for a couple seconds and watched the "big kids" playing on the field next to ours. I didn't think much about it until she was rounding third base and SLID home :o) It was the funniest thing. First of all, there is never a play at home AND outs don't count. Haha!

Haha! She did the same thing the next inning. And you know what...every boy that batted after her slide home too :o) My baby girl taught those boys a thing or two about baseball today :o) Haha!

She has also decided that she is no longer accepting the fact that only the pitcher and first base kids play the field. She "scrambled (that's a pretty nice way of putting it)" for any ball that was hit to the left of the pitcher. My baby LOVES the action.

She was so excited that her Mimi and Papa came down for her game today!

After the game, she said, "Mama, you have to put this ribbon in my hair for every game. It was my good luck charm today." Haha!

My baby likes to get dirty, but she also likes to get pretty :o) She insisted that I bring a "cute, stylish outfit" for her to change into immediately after the game :o) Haha! This is her literally five minutes after I took the above picture...

After a YUMMY lunch at Mimi's Cafe, we headed home and the girls played outside for a couple hours. The weather was PERFECT today.

We played outside until Hillary Ashton decided she needed to practice some "circus tricks"...Mama got a little nervous and we headed inside :o)

The little girls had so much fun today and they both played hard. Since their grandparents were in town, neither one took a nap. Usually when the little girls don't take naps, they end up in time out. We usually follow the rule of one minute for each year of life. For example, when Sophie le goes to time-out, she is there for three minutes which makes the following pictures so crazy.

Sophie Le went to time-out for pushing her sister. Her Daddy went to get her after three minutes and found this...
Sophie Le NEVER, EVER falls asleep outside of her bed...ever. She stayed here for about 30 minutes until I woke her up for supper! Haha!

After supper, the big girls and I worked on a craft (it will be ready tomorrow!). I asked Julianne several times not to touch the finished product (that was drying), but she just couldn't resist...timeout. If I didn't see it with my own eyes, I don't think I would believe it...
She only stays in time-out for TWO MINUTES! Haha!

Needless to say, those two babies were ready for bed tonight :o)

Gap Casting for Julianne! HERE and HERE...thanks! You can vote everyday, if you want :o)

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