Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Day 278 - Whew!

For those who have emailed...yes, Hillary Ashton is in, school. I miss her like crazy. Crazy. It's only been two days and I miss homeschool soooooooo much. I will blog more about our decision to put her in school rather than continuing homeschool soon, but I am just too tired tonight :o) It has been a very, very, very busy day.

In addition to Hillary Ashton going back to school, hubby started a new job this week and has been out to! I am doing my very best to stay a couple steps ahead of the kiddos, but they are fast...haha!

Jonah had a doctor's visit today and it went great!!! Great in that we got in and out within an hour and a half. He may not agree with "great" because he had to get shots and a blood draw. So sad. I will never get use to seeing their sweet smiling faces right before they get their shots and then the shock and saddness that comes when the nurses poke their sweet, chubby little legs. I always feel so bad!

One little school story....
Yesterday, Hillary Ashton was a chatter box telling me all about her new school. She said, "Oh Mama, there is a boy in my class that is soooooo cute." All parents are different, but we DO NOT allow "boyfriend/girlfriend" talk in our family and the girls know that is something for adults to talk about, not kids. So to say I was surprised by this conversation would be an understatement. Hillary Ashton had only been away from me for a few hours and this "talk" just seemed out of the ordinary for her (so I thought). She continued, "Mama, I just love his big brown eyes. When he looked at me with those big brown eyes, it made me so happy." I can only imagine the look on my face...haha! Honestly, I wasn't really sure what to say so I said nothing. She continued. "He has the cutest hair. It is short and curly. Mama, I wish you could see him. He is sooo cute. You would like him too, Mama." At this point, a lightbulb went off in my head. My sweet baby girl honestly thought this kid was cute...period. Just cute. Nothing else. Whew! She continued by telling me that this "cute kid" has dark brown skin and reminds her of Jonah. I sure love that girl :o)

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Julie and Chris said...

I thought I had missed something too!! I am curious about you switching back to school... Your kids are all too cute! We have done the fabric pumpkins and the BOO craft as well!! My girls loved it!! I am going to try the pumpkin garland soon!!