Monday, October 11, 2010

Day 283 - Phone Photos...

I lost the photos on my old phone which reminded me that I need to download my phone pictures more regularly :o) You know, I need more pictures of my girls...haha!

First picture I took with my new phone...I post a lot of pictures of my four little cuties...this is my first cutie :o)
I washed the car seats a few weeks ago and had them setting in the kitchen before loading them back into the car...I walked into the kitchen and the girls were sitting in their seats...haha! They thought having their carseats in the kitchen was the coolest thing ever :o)
When Hillary Ashton was doing home school, she did "speed drills" in her arithmetic class. She had a bit of anxiety associated with the drills. On this particular days, she said, "I gotta get these clothes off before I start the speed drill because speed drills make me sweat."
My big girl LOVES a pretty sunset. She was spending the weekend with her grandparents and I saw this beautiful sunset while leaving Home Depot and I just had to snap a pic and send it to her :o)
Sorry Jonah! Haha!
I get so confused picking out deodorant for sweet boy. I think the packaging changes every month! I had to text him a picture so he could tell me which one to buy.
Love my baby girl!
Hillary Ashton was sooooooooooo excited when we came out of MDO and found this creature on the tire of our car. She really wanted to take it home with us. "But Mama, he can ride on my lap. I won't let him go. I promise!" Um, no. I had no idea praying mantis were so big.
I was outside with the girls and Jonah wanted to swing, but he also wanted to be close to mama so I brought his baby swing out and put it beside my chair. He liked that alot :o) He is soooo sweet!
This one is sweet too...and a big mess!
This girl can swing like nobody's business :o)
Eating at Mimi's Cafe. Both of the little girls got Mickey Mouse pancakes.
Neither girl finished their pancakes, but they both ate ALL of their LETTUCE. The large piece of lettuce that was on their plate as a garnishment. I've got some weird kids!
I took this picture last Monday after MDO. I knew this would be the last day my baby was home schooled. I sure miss having my big girl with me everyday!
I recently discovered the brand, Mini Boden and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it.
Happy Hour! Also, the last time Julianne was allowed to have a drink in my car.
A rare pic of my girl without her glasses.
Playing on the playground at church before Mission Friends.
The shirt.
My girls getting clean.
This was their bath water...can you believe that? Ewww! Hillary Ashton said, "Our bath water looks like the drinking water in Ethiopia." Sad, but true.
I pack the girls' lunches at night and then put the cold items in their lunchbox in the mornings. This morning as I was putting Sophie Le's juice in her lunchbox, I found this note that Hillary Ashton slipped in her lunchbox :o) How sweet!
Coming out of MDO one sunny afternoon.
We had a hard time finding a lefty glove for t-ball. Luckily a sweet friend from church lent Hillary Ashton one until we could find one.
First practice :o)
The little girls playing on the playground at church after MDO. We get out of MDO one hour before Hillary Ashton gets out of school. I have a feeling we will be spending a lot of time on this playground this year.
Big sister sliding with her bubba.
Excited about her new carseat!

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Laura said...

Loved the surprise note from Sophie Le in Hilary Ashton's lunch box! Too cute!