Saturday, October 16, 2010

Day 288 - First Base & Family Farm...

My baby got to play on first base today. She is convinced it was because she wore TWO lucky ribbons in her hair :o)
She was so pumped that she danced/skipped through the handshake line at the end of the game :o)
All of the girls (and boy) were so excited that Ganny and Papa drove up to meet us at the game this morning!

After the game, we went to the BEST "pumpkin patch." The girls (and Mommy) LOVED it! The adoption agency we used for Sophie Le's adoption had a Fall get together there this afternoon. I HEART getting to see lots of sweet adopted children with their forever families. God is SO good.

The Family Farm has sooooooooo many fun activities for the kids. Our first stop was at the little train. All of the girls were excited to ride...until the conductor honked her horn. Julianne belled on that ride FAST :o)

Next up was a puppet show. The Family Farm is ran by a Christian couple and the puppet show was all about the importance of God and reasons to be thankful :o) I am not sure which kid liked the puppet show the most. I was surprised at how much Jonah seemed to enjoy it :o) Hillary Ashton was excited because her named got announced after she answered a question. She LOVES recognition...haha!

The girls also enjoyed playing in the haystacks...
Me and my girls...I lost my "regular" sunglasses so I had to wear my crazy white sunglasses today! Haha!
Fun, rope swing.
Dancing on the stacks...

And there was face painting!

This was probably one of the girls' favorite activities...a wooden carousel. They squealed in delight the entire time :o)

Sweet little Jonah hanging out with Daddy :o)

The highlight of our visit today was the zip line! Hillary Ashton giggled the ENTIRE time! She rode three times and probably would have rode it 3000 more times if she could have.
The shock of the year came when Sophie Le asked to ride the zip line. Her daddy and I were sooooo surprised. Sophie Le is usually my cautious baby, but today she decided to take a walk on the wild side...and she LOVED it!
Julianne wanted to ride, but Mama just wasn't ready for her baby to fly down a mountain in a swing so she settled for the tree swing :o)
Until it was time to move on...the faces this girl makes crack me up!

My three sweeties...

We can't wait to go back!