Friday, October 22, 2010

Day 294 - Little Nuts and Animal Sounds...

Individually, each of these girls are sweet,
{relatively} calm and {mostly} obedient.

BUT together...they are NUTS! And I think they might be driving me nuts with their nuttiness.
They fight, yell, run, giggle, WRESTLE (ALOT), squeal, pinch, hug, kiss, push, aggravate and delight each other more than any two people I have ever seen. When they are together, the energy is constant and the noise level is ALWAYS on high.
If they had been my first two, they would probably be the only two...haha!
I am not sure what it is about these two. They are 21 months apart which is close, but Hillary Ashton and Sophie Le are 28 months apart and they NEVER act like JuJu and LeLe do. I am not sure what it is, but it is exhausting and wonderful at the same time.
Btw, it rained today at our rained leaves and the girls LOVED it!

Julianne's speech is coming right along. There are many things that we have been working on for awhile that she is starting to "get." One of those things is animal sounds. For the longest, when I would ask her what a particular animal says, she would ALWAYS say,"Mooooooo!" Just this week, she has started giving the correct sounds for a cat, cow, snake and bird. Today, she added monkey. She thinks doing a monkey sound is HILARIOUS. It seriously cracks her up...big time. I LOVE it!
The monkey sound gives her a big case of belly laughs :o)
Her monkey sound is usually followed a two hands over her mouth giggle.
It is the best monkey impersonation I have ever seen!

This girl LOVES her cat, Princess Lola.
So when I saw this movie at Redbox this morning, I got it for her.

She thought it was one of the best movies ever and she is pretty certain that Princess Lola is one of the stars of the movie.


Lisa said...

Super sweet pictures today, Amy!

Heather M. said...

I feel your pain. Trust me. It's wonderful to have siblings as best friends, but it is very tiring to have your kiddo's best friend with you 24/7!!! Looks like you have yourself a twin situation going on! Cute pictures. Love the kitty cat :)