Sunday, October 24, 2010

Day 296 - Happy Birthday Baby...

Today Sophie Le turned four years old. FOUR. Wow!

It is cliché, but goodness they grow up fast! Here is the earliest picture we have of our Vietnamese princess...
This picture was taken by a family traveling to Ninh Thuan to pick up their child. I am not exactly sure how old she is in the picture...I am thinking less than two weeks. Oh what I would have given to be there when she was born and cared for her in her first months of life.

Sophie Le requested honey biscuits and scrambled eggs for breakfast this morning before church. She also got to open one of her boots! I knew she would want to wear them to church :o)

She also wanted to wear her birthday ribbon :o) Four year olds are the best!

Since it was her birthday, we told her she could pick the lunch restaurant. She said she wanted to go somewhere where she could get olives, okra and big leafy lettuce. Haha! How many four year olds do you know that would request that for their birthday meal? After a little more discussion, she settled on Mimi's Cafe because she could get "Mickey Mouse pancakes,lots of fruit and a great big piece of lettuce."
She ate a couple bites of pancakes and then said her tummy was too full of pancakes and then she proceeded to finish off her fruit (and Hillary Ashton's) and her big piece of lettuce...haha!
Not sure about this one...all I can say is that she ordered chocolate pancakes and chocolate milk!

After a (way too quick) nap, we had birthday celebration #2 for Le Le...
Present Time!
She LOVES her new iXL :o)

Happy Birthday Sweet Sophie Le!!!

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Lisa said...

Happy Birthday, Sophie Le!!!!