Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day 299 - Funfest & Staffing...

Tonight was Funfest at our church. The kids were super pumped to finally get to wear their Halloween costumes :o)

Hillary Ashton as Daphne (Scooby Doo)...
She might have thought she looked "really good" tonight :o) Haha! In related news, she is looking for mysteries to solve. So if you have any, send them her way :o)

Next up, Sophie Le as a four year old zoo keeper...

Where there is a zoo keeper, there has to be animals! Here's Julianne as the cutest little lion ever :o)
And she has added, "Roar!" to her animal sounds...whoo hoo!

Sophie Le took her job as keeper of the animals very seriously. That is good because I need all the help I can get :o)

Halloween 2010...Hillary Ashton, 6, Sophie Le, 4, Julianne, 2 and Jonah, almost one
Surprisingly, Jonah kept his mask on almost all night! He is such a good baby :o)

That hair...hahahahahaha! She reminds me of Dolly Parton or something.

One of the games was milking a cow. Hillary Ashton said, "This is the grossest thing I have ever done in my life. I hope we never move to a farm."

Her little sister, on the other hand, tried to position the handle toward her mouth for a drink :o) Haha! This one keeps me on my toes, for sure!

Today, there was staffing concerning Jonah's case. A staffing is where everyone involved in the case (DHS caseworkers, family, attorney ad litem (Jonah's attorney), DHS's attorney, Mom's attorney,etc...) comes together to discuss the circumstances of the case and state their position before court...we have court next Wednesday. Luckily, ALL parties are in agreement about what they think should happen in Jonah's case except for one person. This is AMAZING news for Jonah :o) However, the only decision that matters at this point is the Judge's decision. Keep praying!


Renee said...

Great great great news!!! We'll be praying like crazy!!!
Found out a few minutes ago that our little one is going to be adopted by a single mom, three times divorced, over 50, with tons of health and financial issues. *siiiiigh* I just LOVE CPS!

The Garners said...

LOVE the costumes!!!!

Praying for Jonah's case!

Lisa said...

Love the costumes! I'll be praying for Jonah and all involved!