Saturday, October 30, 2010

Day 302 - Fall Fun...

This morning, Hillary Ashton had her last t-ball game...well the last two, it was a double header. We got their early for team pictures and it was sooooo COLD. Brrrrr! Luckily, Ganny and Papa Texarkana got a great parking spot where they could watch the game from their care and JuJu and Jonah happily sit with them in the warm car :o)

My baby got to play pitcher during the first game. In case you don't know alot about t-ball, the pitcher and first baseman are usually the only kids that touch the ball :o) She has been wanting to play pitcher for awhile, but she was just too cold to be excited about it today. She pretty much stood there with her hands in her pockets :o) She said, "It's too cold for baseball." I totally agree! Haha!

In between games...
She forgot her real glasses at home this morning, but she remembered to grab these glasses so she "could scare all those boys on her team." Haha! I cannot believe she was the ONLY girl in the league this year!

Mimi and Papa Paragould made it for the second game...

We liked t-ball this season, but I think we will choose a sport with a little more action from now on. I am thinking soccer in the spring. After the game today, I told Hillary Ashton that she played a great season and I was proud of her. She said, "I am glad the season is over. I am looking forward to getting to sleep in next Saturday." Amen, baby!

After lunch at Izzy's, we came back to the house to celebrate Sophie Le's birthday.

For birthday celebration #4 (whoo hoo...we made it!), Sophie Le chose yellow and blue cupcakes with chocolate sprinkles :o)
For those of you that have asked, we alternate doing friend birthdays with family parties. On even years, Hillary Ashton gets a friend party. On odd years, Sophie Le and Julianne get friend parties.
Cute birthday girl :o)
Happy 4th birthday, Sophie Le!

Today, Julianne and I got to go on a date :o) I LOVE spending individual time with each of the kids. We went to a Halloween party at Tricia's house.
Julianne LOVED playing in the sand box!
Thanks Tricia for inviting us to the fun party!

We were excited to drive up to the house to find the first fire of Fall! Yea!
Hillary Ashton had all of our chairs waiting for us by the fire :o)
The girls pretty much equate bonfires with s'mores :o) We were out of graham crackers so we substituted regular crackers. The girls (and Daddy) reported that the regular crackers make yummy s'mores :o)
Daddy and LeLe


Lisa said...

It was great to see you and Julianne today! Sorry Eli wasn't much into sharing. :(

Heather M. said...

It looks like we had about the same idea yesterday evening! :) Looks like a great time with all the kiddos at Tricia's! I sure wished I lived closer! Happy Halloween! Love HA's Glasses by the way...

The Garners said...

Fun day!