Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 306 - Half Way There...

*Sorry to be vague, but it's the law :o)

Court went well today. There was a mix-up so not everything on the agenda got accomplished. I thought I would be really sad about the action that was taken today, but honestly I was just very relieved (and thankful) to hear the judge say the words and make "it" official. I pray that the "loose ends" will be taken care of at our next court date. I am very thankful that we will have the pleasure of celebrating Jonah's first birthday and Christmas 2010 with him! We are scheduled back in court right after Christmas.

I learned many interesting things today as I spent a lot of time with Jonah's family today while waiting on our turn in court. I am thankful to have Jonah in our home.

Thank you soooooo much to everyone that prayed over Jonah today. He had a very happy day today and I felt great peace. Prayer is an amazing thing :o)

I am off to plan a first birthday for my little man!!!


The Garners said...

I am soooo happy that you are getting to plan Jonah's 1st Birthday party! A party for a little BOY--fun, fun! :) I hope he has the most wonderful birthday EVER! I thought of y'all so many times throughout the day today and I was anxious to see if you'd posted.

Renee said...


Lisa said...

So happy for this bit of news!

Amanda said...

I have been praying for months that God's will be done for Jonah. Very happy for you all!