Saturday, November 6, 2010

Day 309 - Back in Action & Lost Kid...

"Day 308 - Problems..."

We got home last night to find our modem wasn't working. Which isn't a HUGE deal...unless you have posted THREE HUNDRED and SEVEN days this year and are in jeopardy of missing day 308...eeek! Sweet hubby spent an hour on the phone with our Internet provider and they finally came to the conclusion that our modem had died. Again, which isn't a big deal...unless you have posted EVERYDAY of 2010 :o) Luckily, I checked my {AWFUL} cell phone and discovered that I could post...although yesterday's {AWFUL} post was about as good as I could do. My phone would NOT let me write anything in the body of the post...don't get me started on how much I {REALLY, REALLY, REALLY} dislike my cell phone.

I actually had three people text to make sure everything was okay after my post last night :o) Sorry, if it was alarming! Haha!

So, back to day 309...

Since Hillary Ashton didn't have a t-ball game this morning, we got to sleep in...ahhhhhh! It was awesome :o) We had a nice, RELAXED breakfast and then headed to town to get a new modem. We had plans to attend Homecoming at hubby's Alma mater, but by the time we got the new modem and got SWEET Jonah picked up, it was too late :o( Soooo, we decided to head downtown and let the girls check out daddy's new office. Unfortunately, Daddy left his keys at home so they only got to see the building and door to daddy's office. They liked what they saw and wanted to see more so we will try to see the inside tomorrow :o)

The next stop was the mall. Hillary Ashton was in need of some school clothes (BORING uniforms...ugg!).
While at The Gap, I got the feeling (there were whispers and such...haha!) that there was some savings to be had (I tend to be cheap a good steward of our money) so I only bought one pair of leggings and we headed home so I could do some research. It turns out that The Gap was having a HUGE sale today IF you had a "secret password." As in 40% off your entire purchase!!!!

I went back to the mall (with only Le) and verified the sale with the clerk, who made me tell her the secret password before she would confirm the sale...haha! While I was shopping (I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to shop when I am getting a good deal!), the clerk came by and asked if I was finding everything okay, blah, blah, blah. Anyways, I then heard her talking to a kid, but I didn't look (there were good deals to be had, ya know!).

Clerk: Sweetie, where is your mommy?
Kid: No answer
Clerk: Are you lost?
Kid: No answer
Clerk: Let's go find your mommy.
Kid: No answer

At this point, I glanced over to see the clerk talking to SOPHIE LE! Haha! Le was close to me...about two feet from me. She wasn't answering the lady because I KNOW she was thinking "What is the world is this crazy lady talking about? My mommy is RIGHT here beside me." Haha!

I turned to the clerk and I said, "Are you talking to this little girl?" and she said, "Yes, she is lost." I said, "She isn't lost, that is my daughter." The clerk looked at me kinda weird (for a good twenty seconds) and then I saw the light bulb go off and she said, "Oh.Ummmm. Oh, I am so sorry." Haha!

We both laughed it off and then I told her that before we adopted, I always imagined something like that happening, but it never has. Having an Asian daughter seems so normal (normal...I know, not the best word, but you know what I mean) that I never think about us looking different. It NEVER occurred to me that the clerk was talking to MY daughter when she was having that conversation...right beside me.

Don't forget to FALL back tonight!! Whoo hoo!


Emy said...

Whew! Glad it was just your modem!
And... DANG! I would have LOVED that secret password. I love awesome sales but not SECRET sales, ha ha ha! Hope you were able to stock up! :o)

Heather M. said...

Oh well thank goodness!!! I was worried when I read that little post! Ahhhh, of my favorite things! Wish I had more time to do it with just one kiddo instead of all 3! Fall Back...I don't like time change; boo!

Renee said...

Sophie Le must have been weirded out! haha! I forget too and once asked a stranger, "I'm looking for my son. Did you see a little boy come by here on a bike? He's wearing red shorts." They said they had seen ONE boy, but were just staring at me in their confusion. heehee!