Monday, November 8, 2010

Day 311 - Day at Home & Achievements...

This morning, we tried out our new "morning time saver" ideas and they ROCKED! Yay! There was NO WHINING, NO FRUSTRATION and NO MELTDOWNS. And the girls did good too :o) Haha! Oh, and we had NO LOST ITEMS (glasses, socks, shoes, bows, etc...). Whoo hoo! I will give it a few more days and then share the details :o)

When we strolled up to the door at church this morning, we were greeted by the news that our church was without water which means we got a nice day at home AND lunch was already taken care of :o)

My sweet boy happily played in his playpen this morning while I did a few chores. Truly a miracle...haha! Can you believe he will turn ONE this week?!?!

The weather today was perfect! The girls had a great time playing outside before supper this evening...

This girl likes to pose!

No more bumps!

My big girl came home with some pretty awesome achievement certificates today! She was excited about the certificates, but even more excited about the coupons she received for free meals to Purple Cow and Playtime Pizza! Two of her very favorite restaurants!

This may be the only time she ever gets a perfect attendance certificate! Haha!
Way to go sweet girl!


Laura said...

You will have to share your morning meltdown savers!!! Getting Luke to cooperate in the morning is like pulling teeth for me! He is super independent and wants to do it all by himself in his own time. IT is great until I have to be somewhere by a certain time! Glad it is working for you!

Willis said...

I've had to catch up on reading your posts. I wish , too, that our church was more focused on adoption. We have helped to start up Faith Bridge Foster Care, and we are a foster family ourselves. But nothing has been said about National Adoption Awareness month.