Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day 312 - Random Thoughts...

1. A blog friend of mine posted a video on Facebook earlier this week...Click Here to watch...should I take this personally?

2. Just a hint on the boxes {which worked wonders again this morning}...each child has a box (so yes, there are lots of boxes!) for each weekday of the week. I will share more details later this week.

3. I also have lots of fun Thanksgiving crafts that I am hoping to work on in the next week! I just LOVE this time of the year!

4. A child of mine cut her hair this week...and the hair of one of her sisters. Ugggg! Honestly, it SHOCKED me. I NEVER thought my child would do that. Those girls sure like to keep me guessing.

5. One last thing...my baby turns ONE tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Garners said...

That video is funny! :)

Happy Birthday to your baby tomorrow!!! Can't believe it!

Renee said...

BLAAAHAHAHAHA! You can replace the Arkansas part with ANY city or state and it's just as funny. I still laugh every time I see it!

Emy said...

Love the video, too funny. 4 kids and from AR, yep you should be offended! ;o)

Happy Birthday Jonah!