Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day 314 - Veteran's Day...

My little Vietnamese born kiddo has a favorite song, She sings it daily. Seriously, daily. Ironically (or maybe not), her favorite song is My Country Tis of Thee.
It has always seemed a little odd to me when she sings know lines such as "land where my father's died..." I KNOW that she is an American now, but I always think of the Vietnam War when she sings that line. She had her "birth fathers" die there and her "forever family fathers" die there too.

When we were in Vietnam, we learned that the Vietnamese people call the Vietnam War, "The American War." It shouldn't have surprised me, but I guess I hadn't thought about it from that perspective before. I just assumed that in southern Vietnam, they would have been more pro-America about the war. However, when the communist North won, I guess that rewrote history (should I even be writing this?!?!) When we toured the Chu Chu Tunnels while in Vietnam, we watched a video about how America invaded Vietnam. We were in the south, but the video said nothing about America coming to help the people in southern Vietnam fight again North Vietnam. That was a very uncomfortable video to watch.

So today my thoughts have been consumed with the idea of my Vietnamese-American daughter who shares strong ties to both sides of that particular war. Whenever she sings her favorite song, I just cannot help but wonder what her birth family would think.

Btw, the picture above was taken moments after we landed in L.A. on our way home from Hanoi, Vietnam!! When we landed on American soil, she became a citizen of this "sweet land of liberty."


Hei Yan said...

it's true that they kind of "re-write" the history...I went to school in VN from 1st to 5th grade and what I learned about the "American War" is totally different from what i learned about the "Vietnam War" here

Renee said...

It's amazing how many different "truths" there are. :(

Cuuuuute picture!