Saturday, November 13, 2010

Day 316 - Generosity & Birthday Boy!!

Today we went to eat lunch at Larry's Pizza (YUM!) with Mimi and Papa Paragould, who came to town for Jonah's 1st Birthday Party (I CANNOT believe my baby is ONE!!!). When we got finished eating, a waiter came over and gave me a $25 gift certificate. He said it was from a person we didn't know that wanted us to have it. Can you believe that? I was in shock. I have no idea who did that for us, but THANK YOU!!! I just LOVE random acts of makes this world a better place! I cannot wait to pay it forward :o)

After a quick trip to see Santa at the mall, we came home to celebrate sweet Jonah's birthday. I know I may be a bit biased and he has a large green heart on his face, BUT isn't he just the cutest little thing?
Sadly, once the cake came out things took a sour turn...
Sorry sweet baby! You would think after three kids, I would know to watch him closer! At least, I didn't take pictures of the whole thing (Daddy!). Haha!
Luckily, with an encouraging word from Mama and a supportive touch by big sister, he was ready to give it another try :o)
Sissy thought he needed a little more lovin' during the Happy Birthday Song :o) She loves her little brother something fierce.
Make a wish!
I have said this before, but Jonah is such a GOOD baby. He wouldn't even consider eating the cake with his hands because I always tell him, "No, no" when he tries to grab his supper. Haha!
So I happily fed him :o) This is about as messy as his first birthday cake experience got!

Quick side note...I found these soft, comfy fleece tops at Wal-Mart for only $5!!! Whoo hoo! Who would have thought?

Jonah washed down his birthday cake with a yummy bottle :o)
And then on to the presents!

Happy Birthday Jonah!! We LOVE you little man!!


Renee said...

Goodness! He's SO ADORABLE! Gifts from strangers and a first birthday! What a happy day!

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday, Jonah! Looks like you know how to celebrate!

Laura said...

He is precious! Happy Birthday to Jonah!