Monday, November 15, 2010

Day 318 - A List - Top 15 Favorite Shows...

Another great day with my sweeties. I don't take that lightly...I KNOW I am blessed to spend my days with these four little nutty people :o) Ganny and Papa Texarkana came up this afternoon and we met them at Chick-Fil-A for ice cream after school. Grandparents on a weekday plus ice cream plus an indoor play area equals happy kiddos :o)

I don't really have much to write about tonight so I am going to do something a little different. I am going to make a list of my favorite television shows.

My list may surprise you...or maybe not. Either way, here goes...

1. Modern Family. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this show. I just recently discovered this show and it is possibly one of my all time favorites. It is in it's second season. After watching a couple episodes we went to Wal-Mart and bought season one. I enjoy sitcoms, but they rarely make it me laugh out loud. I wish I was a laugh out loud person, but I am not. I do laugh on the inside quite a bit :o) This show makes me laugh out loud...a lot. I LOVE every character, every storyline. It is soooooooooooo funny....and there is an adopted Vietnamese baby on the show! How cool is that?
2. Seinfeld. I LOVE this show too. It is a classic. We own every episode on dvd and I go to sleep watching it almost every night.
3. The Office. Funny stuff! I am bummed that Steve Carell is leaving after this season. I am very curious how the show will do after he leaves.
4. Nip/Tuck. This show is a little racy (ok, a lot racy) for my taste, but I LOVE the story lines and surgeries. They are amazing.
5. Grey's Anatomy. I don't watch a lot of current shows on television which is why it bugs me that this show comes on in the same time slot as The Office. I like this show for the same reasons I like Nip/Tuck. The patients and surgeries. Sometimes, I get a little bored with the characters, but the crazy medical stuff keeps me watching :o)
6. Desperate Housewives. I was a very late fan of this show. I don't like the name of the show. I LOVE the houses and I think Gabby and Bree are hilarious!
7. So You Think you Can Dance. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Wish I could dance!
8. Dancing with the Stars. Depending on the stars. If there is no one I like on the show, I don't watch.
9. Ground Breakers. AWESOME! LOVE this show. I think what they do with backyards is amazing. Oh, to have an unlimited budget!
10. Lost. In LOVE with this show which is weird because I am so not a sci-fi person. This show was amazing, beginning to end.
11. Jon and Kate plus Eight. Well that was until Jon went off the deep end, now I can barely watch the old episodes. I do like Kate Plus Eight too. I know she he hated by many, but I LOVE her!
12. 19 Kids and Counting. The Duggers amaze me. I feel like I am hanging on with four kids...I cannot even begin to imagine 19 (or did Josie make 20?). Although that is my secret wish...haha!
13. Ellen. I think she is soooooo funny. She cracks me up and I LOVE her dancing!
14. Curb Your Enthusiasm. This show stars the creator of Seinfeld, Larry David and many of his real life friends, such a Ted Danson. They each play themselves in the show. I don't agree with A LOT of things he says/does, but I think he is very funny. He is always getting himself into trouble. It does kinda stress me out sometimes when they yell too much though :o)
15. New Adventures of the Old Christine. Another Seinfeld alum. I love Julia Louise-Dreyfus. Her comedic timing is awesome.

There you have it. My top 15...that I can think of right now :o) So how about you? What are your favorites? Are there any great shows "out there" that I missing out on?


Sami said...

Friends.I Love Lucy. Gilmore Girls. House Hunters. Arrested Development. Friends. Grey's. Community. Parenthood. Seinfeld. Kardashians. Friends.

Renee said...

Of all time? Cosby Show, King of the Hill, Seinfeld, Friends, Monk, 19 Kids and Counting, Chuck, Glee (for the singing), Hoarders, The Locator, Adoption Stories, Animal Cops Houston, Extreme Makeover Home Edition, Jon & Kate Plus 8 (the good years).
I think you might like The Locator...reuniting birth families and lost relatives. :)

Jason and Erin said...

Last of the Summer Wine. I know. I'm weird.