Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Day 320 - Taking Care of Little Brother...

Eeeek! I had no idea there were tens and tens of people reading my blog everyday :o) Haha! Talk about pressure! Just kidding! I just LOVED reading the connection our family has with each of you guys...adoption, school, church, foster care, etc. I was pretty amazed that there are people reading that have followed our journey since we brought home Sophie Le! Wow! I cannot believe we are approaching the 4th anniversary of her referral! One of the best days of my life!

Speaking of that sweet little cookie...
And her little sidekick...
These two make my life very chaotic...and WONDERFUL :o)
Every Wednesday, we go straight from Hillary Ashton's school to church. We usually get there about an hour early so the girls (and boy) enjoy playing in the playroom while Hillary Ashton does her nightly reading. Hillary Ashton was so proud today because one of the library books she checked out has 64 pages :o) That is BIG time in her first grade world! Haha! She has read it twice so far, just letting you know in case you didn't see her tonight. Otherwise, you probably already heard all about her 64 page book :o) Ha!
Her elementary school has an emphasis on Economics. I LOVE that. Very useful! They earn money everyday and have an opportunity every other week to spend their money at the school store or save it for an event called, "Main Event." Today she spent most (if not all) of her money at the school store :o) She bought an "awesome pen bracelet" which is pictured below and a bookmark :o)

It has been so fun to watch Jonah "grow up" so much in the last month. I enjoy watching him play so much
He really looks up to his big sisters and LOVES to play with them. They all have the ability to crack him up. It is precious to watch.

I probably shouldn't post these pictures. In fact, I probably should have put a stop to the behavior, but I just could not help myself! Haha! In fact, I am not even going to write about what Hillary Ashton was doing...I will just let the pictures speak for themselves :o)
Sorry Jonah :o)


The Jennings said...

Love Hillary Ashton combing Jonah's hair. Wonder where she got the idea of "how to" do it from? Love all the pictures!


Renee said...

AAAAAAAAAAAHAHHAHAHAHA!!!! SO SO SO CUTE!!!! H.A. looks like little Momma! I love it!!

Renee said...

I'm STILL laughing at the hair smoothing pictures! HAHAHHAHAH